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Operating as usual

Care and Cleaning Tips for Wood Cabinetry | Plain & Fancy Cabinetry 03/18/2021

Care and Cleaning Tips for Wood Cabinetry | Plain & Fancy Cabinetry

Maintain for a long life, or call us if you’re ready for that new kitchen or bath upgrade 937-433-3511

Care and Cleaning Tips for Wood Cabinetry | Plain & Fancy Cabinetry Custom cabinetry by Plain & Fancy. Handmade cabinets for any room of the house. The difference is in the details.


We miss the good ole’ “normal” days, so we thought we’d share a throwback photo from Circa 1990’s.... some things never change 🤣


We love when we drive past an old clients house and it still looks just as beautiful as the day we left. Such cute curb appeal. The new siding, door & railings really just made this house so adorable! Some things never get old #waynesvilleohio #throwback #hursttotalhome #midwestremodeling #curbappeal #cementsiding


There is so much to be said for what is happening in our world right now, and also it’s hard to find the right words.

Today, we are sharing a few pictures of what a client of ours is currently working on in their front yard.

This is the beginning stage of their 🦋 butterfly garden in beautiful Yellow Springs.

Peace. ☮️ ✌🏻

What a beautiful message. Especially right now. We can’t wait to see what gorgeous flowers 🌺 and butterflies this will have when they are done.


What To Consider When Remodeling A Kitchen | Plain & Fancy Cabinetry

We love Plain & Fancy Custom Cabinetry, so had to share their blog post.

It's 5 simple things to consider when remodeling your kitchen.

Extra tip from us: Hurst Total Home can cover all 5 of these areas with you.

Call us today & let us help you transform your space!|%20Dealers&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=Email%20Link&utm_content=5PointsRemodelingBlog New post from Plain & Fancy Custom Cabinets called What To Consider When Remodeling A Kitchen. Plain & Fancy is an industry leading custom cabinet manufacturer. Cabinets for any room.


Basement finishing
General remodeling and alterations

Here is a tile project to fix a problem for a client that had water leaks at the tub/shower/floor
This is just before the glass wall and door get installed
We do it right 937-433-3511 02/27/2020

High school students could be fully trained plumbers and electricians by age 20 | CBC News

🖤 bring on the skilled trades. Time for some new blood in our industry. 🖤 Windsor-Essex electricians and plumbers could be fully qualified to work by the time they are 20 years old. That's if they take advantage of an expanding skilled trades program the Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board and St. Clair College have been working on.


Unicorn’s out of the bag?! Ok, so it’s not as catchy as it sounded in my head, BUT— how awesome is this stuff?

Crafters paradise! 🦄

Unicorn SPiT in!!!!
It is a unique concentrated gel pigment. Use straight as a paint or add water (or other clear water based mediums) to it to make almost a quart of stain, watercolor, glaze or fabric dye & even tint white paint!
Unicorn SPiT can be used on wood, glass, metal, fabric, concrete, laminate & more.
It is non-toxic and $8.99 for a 4oz bottle in store or order online at

There are lots of examples of this in the Unicorn SPiT Official Q&A Group.
Step by step direction & more inspiration on other surfaces too!
Be sure to join at


Just say no, folks. 🤦‍♀️

That is the face of someone who is regretting their entire decision. When will people get the right tool for the job instead of risking their life? Is it really worth it? #ladder #ladderdrills #nothowyoudoit #nothowyouusealadder @accuratesafetyco


Okay, some things are just TOO funny to not share. 🤣

Thankful for our vendors that don’t buy from trees with scoliosis 😝


Today’s little jammer. Something so simple as carpet makes a world of difference!


#bangbang #remodeling #remodelinghumor #nailedit


#manicMonday ? Not actually manic, but there’s lots of demo. ***Dont worry! No floors were harmed in the process.. they, too will be saying their goodbyes. #demolitionday #demo #fireplace #yellowsprings #midwestremodeling #hursttotalhome #remodeling


#WEDNESDAYWISDOM delivered to you on #THOUGHTFULTHURSDAY from our desk to your home.
*Long Worthy Post Warning*

We truly believe EVERY type of surface has it's place in the world.....🌎

Laminates, Solid surfaces, Poured Concretes, Cultured Marble, Recycled Glass, Granite, Quartz, Marbles, Wood! The list goes on!

We also agree though, that not all surfaces are created equal. ‼️ As a company that does a LOT with stone countertops, we want to be certain our customers are satisfied with their investment.

Today, we want to focus on granite & share SOME characteristics, thoughts💭, & expectations when you are considering it for your countertop.

1. Granite is a composed of natural materials. (Kind of like human DNA...🧬 we are all different!) This is what makes it BEAUTIFUL!

2. It is subject to variations in: background color, veining distribution, veining frequency, vein size, & vein pattern.

3. Both pitting & fissures are naturally occurring, and should NOT be considered defects!

4. Did you know, "Pitting" may result from the granite's crystalline structure? This can sometimes result in small spaces/gaps that form between the varying mineral crystals. In some instances, certain crystals may actually be removed during the polishing process, causing the pits to become more visible. Pitting contributes to the stones uniqueness, and will not get worse over time.

5. Fissures are another anomaly. The result of heating & cooling of stone during its formation....MILLIONS OF YEARS AGO. They won't grow or expand over time, and are a natural veining characteristic to ALL natural stones. Some stones have more than others though, due to their mineral composition.

6. The final appearance of a polished surface on each type of granite, is determined by the specific components or mix of quartz, feldspars, mica, & other materials. While the overall appearance will be that of a high gloss finish, some components within the granite may not accept the same level of polish as the rest of the crystals. This results in so called dull spots or watermarks, sometimes known as "fill".

7. Cross Graining refers to the change in pattern at seams (where applicable). This is when the grain of the stone flows in opposite directions. In SOME cases, this may be avoided with the purchase of additional material, or by adding seams.

8. If you are purchasing granite, you should be making an appointment to view the actual slabs. Do not just use a photo for reference. Color dependencies in pictures can be deceiving. Doing this step will help minimize problems & increase customer satisfaction in the long run.

9. MOST granite needs to be SEALED. Don't panic, there are sealer options to reduce your work, and if you choose to do it yourself, it's not too daunting of a task.

10. Do your research. Educate yourself. ASK FOR INFORMATION FROM A TRUE PROFESSIONAL, tell them what you need from a product, and then TAKE the advice they give you.

11. Don't be offended or concerned when you're asked to sign a form containing this information (or some similar) at the time you select your stone. It's to protect everyone & set the stage for the beautiful product you're investing in.

If these are not acceptable to you, Pick a different product

Educated decisions are the best kind.

We hope you found this helpful. Thanks to our great fabricators for educating us on granite so we can help educate you!

-The Team at Hurst Total Home


Sneak peeks are our favorite. #beavercreekohio #masterbathroom #remodeling #midwestremodeling #somethingoldsomethingnew #tileshower @ Beavercreek, Ohio


Great to help for staging to sell, to de-clutter, or to spruce things up after a remodel or addition.

Tell Revamp Your Space llc we sent you! You won’t be disappointed! 12/03/2019

Hamilton Parker makes big bet on the longevity of bricks and mortar

We truly love Hamilton Parker. They’ve got great products, depth, variety, & wonderful staff. “[Hamilton Parker's new showroom is] a big bet on Central Ohio. I did it because I totally believe in what this city has going on. It's also an


Sending many thanks to the customers that turn to trust us to work in their homes. 🏡

We are thankful for you all today and everyday.

A special thanks to those that choose to serve that are missing their families on the holidays.
Stay safe. 🖤

Happy Thanksgiving 🦃🍽🍁 11/20/2019

Mike Rowe: Lack of shop classes is why we’re $1.6T in student debt

Skilled trades are important! "We're lending money we don't have to kids who are never going to be able to pay it back to train them for jobs that don't exist anymore. That’s nuts."


Old McDonald’s collectible!
Mayor McCheese, Hamburgler in the paddy wagon! Dimensional wall art. Some scuffs and nicks but overall good condition. Came from Smithville McDonalds.


Photos from Hurst Total Home, Inc.'s post


1410 Dayton Xenia Rd (same side of road as kilkare)

Today-Friday-Sat-Sunday 8/22-8/25


Photos from Hurst Total Home, Inc.'s post

GARAGE SALE AUGUST 2019 8/22-8/25 (7am-7pm) 08/21/2019

GARAGE SALE AUGUST 2019 8/22-8/25 (7am-7pm)

[08/21/19]   📍1410 Dayton-Xenia Rd, Xenia, OH 45385 (SAME SIDE OF ROAD AS KILKARE)

Th-Fri-Sat-Sun 8/22-8/25
⏰ 7a-7p

💥 💥 HUGE warehouse/ tent sale. 💥 💥

MISC Bldg. Materials, Cabinets, Countertops, Windows, 🚪Door Slabs, Plumbing Accessories/ Fixtures 🚿, Tools🧱🧰🛠 , Flooring, Household items, Clothing/ Shoes, Office Items 🗃🗄, Showroom Displays,

***📌Lots of items for Pinterest Crafters,

Quartz Cutting Boards/trivets .


We are very busy, so stop by to snag some deals. (Will not likely be able to respond to individual Facebook messages during the sale so please stop on by!)

(Cash only, please no personal checks)


I’m the wake of this weekends tragic events, we felt the need to share this post. Be aware, be considerate, show compassion. We are, #DaytonStrong

On behalf of HRS COUNSELING SERVICES, we share our deepest sympathies with the community, to the injured, the deceased, their loved ones and the first responders. Our hearts go out to all that have been touched by this.

Please know that we are here to help you with this Crisis. Contact us if you need to talk.
Parents can gain insight on how to talk to children about what has happened at the website:


How fun would this be for dinner on a summer night?

We love this!

Wow... this looks amazing!


Talk about updating your faucet 🤣


🖤🖤🖤 #shopsmall #buylocal


#TeaserTime I love making job site visits and snapping little blips for everyone. This cute little Oakwood jammer is coming along quite nice. #midwestremodeling #oakwoodohio #kitchendesign #kitchenremodel #plainandfancycabinetry #amerock #hamiltonparker #backsplashtile #texture #hex #thelittlethings #daytonstrong

[05/28/19]   Friendly tip for those currently in a boil advisory area without power:

You can boil water in a pot on your grill or over a bonfire if need be.


#tornado #daytonohio #staysafe


The Hurst Team is safe and very grateful.

Thank you to our first responders and here’s an update on some areas to avoid for now to let them do their job.

Stay safe everyone.

Here are the areas you should consider avoiding:

1) N. Fairfield Rd. is closed northbound from Kemp Rd. to the mall. Alternate Route would be Hanes to Lakeview to Hillsdale to Lillian Lane thru the Stone Falls platt. This will dump you out on New Germany Trebein Rd.

2) Kemp Rd. is closed between Grange Hall and Wagner Trace. Alternate Route from the west: Take Wagner Trace to Aley Dr. to Stedman Dr. which will put you out on Dayton- Xenia. From the east Grange Hall is open south to Dayton- Xenia.

3) Gardenview Dr. off Grange Hall is closed and that neighborhood is evacuated. No alternate routes into the platt so stay away please while work is being done.

4) Spicer Heights platt has multiple trees down and multiple roadways are blocked in that neighborhood from N. Knoll east to Gerspacher and north to Old Oaks.

5) Kemp Rd. at Beaver Valley is also closed.

Please be safe and we will keep updating you as things develop.


“Always” providing great finishing touches and fantastic looking projects!!!

That’s what we do.

#TuesdayTeaser Just a little bit of a teaser to wet your taste buds on this fine Tuesday. Bathroom remodel fun. Can’t wait to see it all grouted... We are loving these @ariavent floor vents! 😍 #progresspic #midwestremodeling #daytonohio #plainandfancycabinetry #tile #masterbathroom #ariavents #flushmountpro #design @ Centerville, Ohio


#TuesdayTeaser Just a little bit of a teaser to wet your taste buds on this fine Tuesday. Bathroom remodel fun. Can’t wait to see it all grouted... We are loving these @ariavent floor vents! 😍 #progresspic #midwestremodeling #daytonohio #plainandfancycabinetry #tile #masterbathroom #ariavents #flushmountpro #design @ Centerville, Ohio 05/17/2019

Wood-Mode Closure Reverberates Industrywide | Kitchen & Bath Design News

Stories like these from our industry make us sad; however, It reminds us how grateful we are for our amazing vendors.

We are so glad we decided to take on Plain & Fancy as our main cabinet line. They have been great for us thus far. Looking forward to many more years working together. Free Download WordPress ThemesDownload Best WordPress Themes Free DownloadDownload Best WordPress Themes Free DownloadDownload WordPress Themesfree online coursedownload huawei firmwareFree Download WordPress Themes

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HUGE WAREHOUSE/GARAGE SALE 1410 Dayton Xenia Rd (same side of road as kilkare)Today-Friday-Sat-Sunday 8/22-8/25 7am-7pm
When you remember you’ve got a “Doug-on-a-Stick” and it’s his birthday...YOU CELEBRATE!  🎉 Happy Birthday Douglas Wasson...
Katie's Guest Appearance on "Home Sweet Home"!
Everyone likes a little dance in the rain, right? No seriously though...come see us and buy stuff!!!
Here till 5 today guys. Come on bY. Rain or shine- our sale is under roof!



Full line of products from conception through completion of a remodeling project. Cabinets, counter tops, tile, plumbing fixtures, design services, and much more. We do completed projects, or sell materials only to those who prefer to "DIY".



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