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Proper tree pruning is vital for tree health and vitality. Always prune to the branch bark collar to ensure fast healing post pruning. When pruning is it important to use the 3-cut method. The first cut is the undercut. This prevents the bark from ripping down the trunk when cutting the second cut. The second cut takes the bulk of the branch weight away. If you did not do the first cut, the branch will likely rip from the weight, damaging the bark of the main trunk. The third and final cut removed the remaining nub at the branch bark collar.
When working on pruning in trees there are a few terms you may here:
Cleaning- this involves the removal of dead or diseased branches from the tree canopy. Weak branch attachments can also be addressed.
Raising- the removal of lower branched to create clearance
Reduction- reduces the overall size of the tree. This is specific pruning to secondary branches. This is not topping. Topping is indiscriminate pruning of the top of the tree that leads to stress and poor branch attachments. Topping is never recommended.
Read more about pruning here:

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Making a Difference in their communities are Master Gardener volunteers! Celebrating #MADD21 with landscape clean up. Thank you to all the volunteers โค


๐ŸŒฑ๐Ÿฅ•๐Ÿฅ— ๐‘ช๐’๐’Ž๐’Ž๐’–๐’๐’Š๐’•๐’š ๐‘ฎ๐’‚๐’“๐’…๐’†๐’ ๐‘ฎ๐’–๐’Š๐’…๐’†๐’” ๐Ÿฅฌ๐Ÿฅฆ๐ŸŒฑ
"The production of vegetables and fruit is an important source of fresh food and nutrition to small communities and individuals. These guides are designed to help communities and individuals improve their production techniques to succeed in these efforts. While the guides were written specifically for the Great Lakes area of the US, they are indeed applicable across the entire northern United States, southern Canada, and anyplace where a longer growing season is desired."

Download all of these excellent USDA guides here >>
Topics include:
Vegetable Garden Planning and Development
Season Extension - Hoophouses
Season Extension - Field Tunnels
Season Extension - Floating Row Cover
Season Extension - High Tunnel
Season Extension - Seed Starting ๐ŸŒฑ
Plant Propagation Rack


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2021 Clean up has started for Washington Township project! Thank you to all the volunteers!

Create New Garden Beds with Sheet Composting and Sheet Mulching 10/20/2021

Create New Garden Beds with Sheet Composting and Sheet Mulching

Create New Garden Beds with Sheet Composting and Sheet Mulching Learn how to create new garden beds without removing current vegetation and digging up the soil.

Photos from Extension Master Gardener's post 10/20/2021

Photos from Extension Master Gardener's post


Fall is the perfect time to plant bulbs for spring blooms! When purchasing, look for heavy, dense bulbs with no decay, mold, or fungus. Bulbs should smell fresh and be free of cuts and bruises.

Stick to classics like daffodils and tulips or branch out with other textures, colors, and heights. There are so many to choose from, whatโ€™s your favorite bulb?

Follow this recipe from UC Master Gardener Program for bulb lasagna to come up with your own beautiful display:



Upcoming Learning Opportunity- Clark County.

Join the Clark County OSU Extension Horticulture program as we present All Things Landscape. This yearโ€™s theme is focused on Nature in the Landscape and includes the following presentations:

-Urban Forestry with James Wills
-Identifying and Repelling Invasive Wildlife with Michael Enright
-Using Native Plants to Attract Birds, Bees, & Butterflies with Denise Ellsworth
-Perennials with Pam Bennett

The cost for the day is $40.00 and includes morning refreshments and lunch.

Date: Friday, October 22, 2021
Time: 9:30 a.m.โ€”3:30 p.m.
Location: Derby @ Windy Knoll, 500 Roscommon Drive, Springfield, OH 45503

Registration information at Register by October 18th


Have you been asked this question lately? My pine tree is loosing all its needles; what is causing that? Remember to get more details, but here is what may be happening.


Fall is a good time to do w**ding. If you don't want these plants, a little effort controlling perennial "w**ds" or pulling out annual "w**ds" before they set seed can save you a lot of time come spring! Here are a few "w**ds" you might see outside right now!

(Of course, what counts as a "w**d" is subjective and you may choose to keep some of these rather than remove them. Whether you identify them to remove or keep, these pictures will help you learn more about what's growing in your landscape.)

Henbit deadnettle: Low growing winter w**d with erect flowering stems that usually grow to about 10 to 25 cm tall (may reach 15 inches or 38cm). Stems are square and four-sided. Seedlings emerge in fall and early spring. Flower production may start in the fall but predominately occurs in spring and early summer. Plants completely die during hot summer months. https://w**

Prickly lettuce: A summer or winter annual, or a biennial that produces erect stems (30 cm to 1.5 m in height) from a basal rosette of leaves. The leaf margin has fine prickles, and the midrib (lower leaf surface) is lined with conspicuous prickles. Reproduction is by seed. https://w**

Common chickw**d: A succulent prostrate plant that reproduces by seed that germinate in fall. Plants grow during the winter and produce white flowers and seed in the spring. All plant parts die by mid summer in sunny areas and lawns. Plants may persist somewhat longer in shady areas but usually die out completely before summer ends. https://w**

Cheatgrass: Seeds germinate in early to mid spring and again late summer to mid autumn. Downy brome flowers in late spring to early summer. The most distinctive characteristic about downy brome are the spiraling hairy leaves. https://w**

Smooth crabgrass: Although smooth crabgrass typically acts as an annual, it may persist as a perennial. Typically, smooth crabgrass germinates in spring, grows during the summer, sets seed in the fall, and dies in the winter. Smooth crabgrass can withstand close mowing heights and is highly competitive with desirable turfgrass. https://w**

Creeping Charlie: Also called ground ivy. This creeping perennial, flowers from March through June. The seeds, which are produced from April to June, begin germination immediately. Like true Ivy, this plant remains green throughout the year unless the frost is too severe. https://w**

Dandelion: Germinates or sprouts year round but mainly in fall and spring. Major flower production starts in spring and may last all summer and into fall. https://w**

Plantain: This perennial w**d grows in basal rosettes that hug the ground. Leaves die back during winter and sprouts occur from a fibrous taproot around mid-spring. The oval, ribbed, short-stemmed leaves form basal rosettes which tend to hug the ground. The leaves may grow up to about 6 long and 4 wide. https://w**

Mock strawberry: Perennial from stolons often found in shady locations. Creeping plants from stolons with trifoliolate leaves and distinctive strawberry-like berry. This w**d is similar in appearance to wild strawberry (Frageria virginiana), but wild strawberry has leaflets with pointed teeth on the upper 2/3 to 3/4 of the leaflet only. Additionally, wild strawberry has white flowers, unlike the yellow flowers of mock-strawberry. https://w**


Gardeners love their plants, enjoy their gardens, and sometimes wonder who is visiting their gardens. ODNR has free identification guides available. Here is the link for a variety of guides:
Pictured - Pipevine Swallowtail caterpillar

Gardeners love their plants, enjoy their gardens, and sometimes wonder who is visiting their gardens. ODNR has free identification guides available. Here is the link for a variety of guides:
Pictured - Pipevine Swallowtail caterpillar


Fall is here, and time for fall plants!

Did you know that spaghetti squash and butternuts are actually different species? As anyone who has opened a seed catalog or visited a pumpkin patch recently can attest, there are SO many different varieties of winter squash!

Most of those different types of squash belong to three major species:
๐ŸŽƒ Cucurbita pepo, which includes acorn and spaghetti squash.
๐ŸŽƒ Cucurbita moschata, which includes the types of butternut and crookneck squashes.
๐ŸŽƒ Cucurbita maxima, which includes hubbard, banana, buttercup, and Atlantic giant.

And all three of these species have members that we call pumpkins! Happy #nationalpumpkinday ๐ŸŽƒ

Learn more about squash:


Please join us on Wednesday, October 6th at 4 pm for our next Horticulture Happy Hour! Amy Stone will be providing an update on the Spotted Lanterfly! For more information and free registration, please visit


Have you been asked about Fall colors?

Follow along this week as we explain the science behind the fall colors of leaves. It's fascinating. Time to grab your #PSL and learn something! #consumerhort #plantsdothat #fallcolor #fallleaves #nich #nichmastergardeners #science

Gray Dogwood A Bird Magnet In The Fall 10/04/2021

Gray Dogwood A Bird Magnet In The Fall

Did you know? Are you growing this native plant?

Gray Dogwood A Bird Magnet In The Fall Due to its ability to reproduce clonally (asexually), Gray Dogwood (Cornus racemosa) often occurs in thickets โ€“ you rarely see one shrub all by itself. In the fall it is the first of several speciโ€ฆ


When you take away the color, you can see the strength of the design. Learn more about design:

Ornamental Fruit Tree Problems | University of Maryland Extension 10/02/2021

Ornamental Fruit Tree Problems | University of Maryland Extension

Ornamental fruit trees can be a great addition to your landscape, as can the native varieties, and learning more helps make a good selection!

Ornamental Fruit Tree Problems | University of Maryland Extension Prevent, diagnose and manage ornamental fruit tree problems


#Gardener to do list ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

Itโ€™s time for spring-flowering bulbs to go in, trees and shrubs to be planted, perennials divided, and mulch applied to beds to protect and build soil. October is also a month to take pause. Soak up the fall colors and the changing sunlight!
Tasks for your garden:
** Plant onion sets, garlic, cabbage, collards, swiss chard and kale.
** Watch for green worms on broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower and collards.
Perennials & annuals
** Continue to dig and divide spring and early summer-blooming perennials before the foliage dies back. Daylilies, hostas and shasta daisies are some examples.
** Plant identification markers beside your herbaceous perennials before they die back for the winter so you wonโ€™t disturb them when planting in the spring.
** Leave seed-bearing perennials -- ornamental grasses, coneflower, sunflowers, black-eyed Susan -- to feed the birds and provide cover for beneficial insects over the winter.
** Plant spring-blooming bulbs from late October through December.
** Keep your bulbs in the refrigerator until youโ€™re ready to plant them.
Trees & shrubs
** Itโ€™s the best time to plant new trees and shrubs.
** Start that fall leaf pile!
** Watch for lace bugs on azalea and pyracantha.
** Aerate your lawn.
** Coring lawns can help to minimize compaction and improve rooting.
** Plant cool-season grasses like tall fescue.
Houseplants that spent the summer outdoors should be cleaned up and brought indoors when night temperatures fall below 50 degrees.


Great info on pruning roses - University of Maryland! Except climbers, pruning roses in the fall is needed. Spring can bring a 2nd pruning. Roses are great in landscapes & maintenance can make them better. Quick guide to pruning roses. #gardening


It's a Week to Celebrate. A special tip of the hat to Extension Master Gardeners across the country. According to a 2020 Extension Master Gardener National Summary, 3.1 million hours were spent educating others, and helping people use gardening to grow food, improve their physical and mental health, and address environmental issues. Conservatively, these efforts are estimated to contribute $88 million dollars in value to the general public. Forty states participated in this report.


Watching the new discoveries can make everyone smile. University of Illinois has a resource for those interested in getting kids in the garden. My First Garden - A Children's Guide to the World of Fun:

Watching the new discoveries can make everyone smile. University of Illinois has a resource for those interested in getting kids in the garden. My First Garden - A Children's Guide to the World of Fun:


Have you found clouds of small white insects flying up from plants while youโ€™re working in the garden? The insects are whiteflies and infestation gets worse this time of year especially during dry weather. Although they can harm plants, damage is likely to be minimal this late in the season in Illinois. Yellow sticky traps or insecticidal soap are recommended controls. Treat weekly for three weeks. A hand-held spray bottle may be preferred as insecticidal soap will suds up in a pump sprayer. For more information see from @UIExtension. Whiteflies also attack houseplants and greenhouse plants. See Missouri Botanical Gardenโ€™s recommendations for control at:

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Registration is now open for our Annual MGV Conference, to be held virtually on October 14-15! For more information, the agenda and registration, please visit:

Registration is now open for our Annual MGV Conference, to be held virtually on October 14-15! For more information, the agenda and registration, please visit:


Nationwide, almost 90,000 Extension Master Gardeners volunteer their time because they all have a passion for gardening and a desire to share their gardening knowledge in their local communities. Gardens like this at UF/IFAS Orange County Extension, Orlando, FL, would not be possible without the extra help of these special volunteers. #mastergardeners;;


Join us for our first Horticulture Lunch and Learn for our fall series! Andrew Muntz of Green Velvet Sod will be discussing Sod v Seed: The Timeless Turf Question Explained on Thursday, September 30th at noon! For more information and free registration, please visit


The Master Gardeners of Clark County are sponsoring an educational Tool Sharpening Workshop located in the Snyder Park Gardens & Arboretum, 1900 Park Road, Springfield, OH 45504. Please join us to practice your tool sharpening skills in this hands-on activity.

To register, please mail the registration form found at with $30.00 payment to: Master Gardeners of Clark County, Attn: Tools Sharpening, PO Box 158, Springfield, OH 45501-0158. Checks payable to: Master Gardeners of Clark County.
Questions? Call 937-398-7600.



Are you creating gardens to support and attract pollinators? Wonderful factsheets are available through Ohioline to help you. ENT-47, by Denise Ellsworth, gives you information to get you started.
Pictured - Stiff Goldenrod


Have you signed up to receive the BYGL, Buckeye Yard & Garden onLine, for all the great updates and information. Here is an example from September 17.


You can divide many perennials in fall between mid Sept to mid Oct allowing 6 weeks of root growth before the ground freezes.




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