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A family and service-disabled veteran owned business, we are committed to providing our customers with the best value on every product we sell and install.

C & L Flooring has been a long-time choice of Dayton region home builders, commercial property owners, property managers, and home owners since 1967. We are a family owned business with our showroom located in Dayton. We service the entire State Of Ohio, Eastern Indiana and Northern Kentucky. We provide Carpet, Vinyl, Laminate, Wood, Tile--just about any type of flooring you need! We have a range

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Come by and check out the Cali Bamboo product line. This Luxury Vinyl has the appearance of real wood. Easy to install for those DIY'rs and we also offer installs for those who just don't have the time.

Come by and check out the Cali Bamboo product line. This Luxury Vinyl has the appearance of real wood. Easy to install for those DIY'rs and we also offer installs for those who just don't have the time.


$1.99 Sqft Special on In-Stock Cali Vinyl Luxury Vinyl Planks

We have Gray Ash, Redefined Pine and Oakspreso.

If we run out know worries we can get more if you place an order.

Contact us for an appointment 937-258-1406


Bathroom transformation complete


Our amazing Office Manager, Gina, installed this Cali Vinyl Pro vinyl plank in our showroom today! Great for the DIY'ers! Gina said it was pretty easy to install, considering it was her first time!
We'd love to see Cali Vinyl Pro in your home too! Come in or call for a Free estimate!

Product: Cali Vinyl Pro
Color: Mesquite
20 mil wear layer
50 yr residential warrany
Price: $3.49/SqFt

[02/19/19]   Huge Spring Sale!!! We started our spring cleaning a little early! Help us clear our warehouse of winter clutter!!! The early bird gets the worm, I mean sale!!! Supplies are limited! First come first serve basis!

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Is It Practical to Have Water-Resistant Flooring? - C & L Flooring

Is it practical to have water-resistant flooring?

Learn more why you will need this in your home, NOW!


candlflooring.com Choosing the right type of flooring should not only look nice in any home, but also cost-efficient and practical. It requires careful consideration as it can make or break your home’s overall look. That is why it is important to buy the best flooring available.   One great flooring option to have...

candlflooring.com 01/31/2019

Useful Tips on Cleaning Your Laminate Flooring - C & L Flooring

Here are some USEFUL TIPS on how to CLEAN your Laminate Flooring...

Check this out!


candlflooring.com Laminate is a popular type of flooring that has been satisfying both homeowners and building owners alike. However, it also needs some extra TLC just like any other floor types. For one, laminate flooring can also be prone to stains and damage especially when not cleaned and maintained regularly.  ...

candlflooring.com 01/21/2019

How to Maintain Your Hardwood Flooring After a High-Traffic Event - C & L Flooring

How to MAINTAIN your hardwood flooring after a HIGH-TRAFFIC EVENT?


candlflooring.com Maintaining an entire flooring can be a tedious task especially after a major event, more so if the event was held in a commercial or public establishment. Cleaning flooring in a private residence can be easier, but high-traffic areas such as conference halls and lobbies can take a toll on the floor...

candlflooring.com 01/12/2019

New Year, New Carpet? How to Make the Best Carpet Buying Decisions in 2018 - C & L Flooring

Let us check this NEW YEAR, NEW CARPET article filled with information for this restart! :)


candlflooring.com A new year is on its way, and you have already decided that one of your resolutions for 2018 will be to make your home a better place to live this year. A part of this will be that you have finally decided it’s time for some new carpet. This is no small investment, whether …

candlflooring.com 01/02/2019

Choosing The Best Flooring For The New Year - C & L Flooring

Best Flooring for New Year!


candlflooring.com New Year is often associated with change and starting anew. It can also mean changing your flooring especially if you are previously planning to overhaul your home interiors. However, choosing the flooring to replace your old one can be not as easy as it seems.   There are different factors that ca...

candlflooring.com 01/02/2019

Tips on Decorating For Christmas Through Flooring - C & L Flooring

Decorating for Christmas!


candlflooring.com Christmas is just around the corner, and it is also a great time to decorate your home in time with the joyful season. However, some homeowners may feel overwhelmed and confused as to how to start decorating, which can be the same problem every year. One factor they usually consider is the right col...


Merry Christmas from C&L Flooring Family to yours!

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What You Need to Know About Different Types of Hard Flooring Surfaces - C & L Flooring

There are different types of HARD FLOORING SURFACES that you need to know about. Check out this article to know more!


candlflooring.com There are different types of flooring, and one of them is called hard flooring surfaces. Hard flooring may be confused with “hardwood”, which is another type of flooring. However, the two are actually different.   The former is considered a group of flooring material that includes different typ...

candlflooring.com 12/18/2018

How to Properly Maintain Hard Flooring Surfaces - C & L Flooring

Let us check out the DIFFERENT TYPES OF HARD Flooring Surfaces that are available at C&L Flooring.


candlflooring.com Having nice-looking and durable hard flooring surfaces can truly make a difference in your property, but maintaining it is another story. Depending on the flooring material, it may require different methods to clean and maintain it. For example, how you will clean a wood flooring should be different...

candlflooring.com 12/14/2018

All About Hard Flooring Surfaces - C & L Flooring

There are still a lot of things that you need to know about hard flooring surfaces. Check out all the things that you should need to know about.


candlflooring.com A nice flooring is crucial in every room and establishment, and can also dictate the overall look of a room. There are a lot of flooring types available that are either man-made or created using natural materials. Among popular hard flooring in Dayton, Ohio include concrete, marble, clay, ceramic ti...


Let us check out the hard flooring surfaces here at C&L Flooring!


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Locating the Best Commercial Flooring Contractors in Dayton, Ohio - C & L Flooring

Why do you need to hire the experts and professionals? To save time, energy and money. Check here to know how to locate the best COMMERCIAL FLOORING CONTRACTORS in town!


candlflooring.com Choosing the best commercial flooring contractors should be one to be considered thoroughly. After all, finding a reliable flooring and carpet store in Dayton, Ohio can be one of the best investments you can make for your commercial space. Likewise, a reliable commercial flooring contractor will be....

candlflooring.com 12/03/2018

A Guide For The Best Commercial Flooring in Dayton, Ohio - C & L Flooring

Are you looking for a guide for the best Commercial Flooring in Dayton, Ohio? Check this out!


candlflooring.com There are so many flooring products available in the market. With that said, choosing the best flooring for your office or commercial building can be quite a challenge. Likewise, choosing the best flooring installers in Dayton, Ohio should require extensive research.   Reliable commercial flooring ...

candlflooring.com 11/27/2018

Reasons Why You Should Hire a Commercial Flooring Contractor - C & L Flooring

Here are reasons why you should hire a commercial flooring contractor. Learn more about it or contact us directly.


candlflooring.com Flooring installation or replacement requires extensive planning, time, and effort to accomplish. Otherwise, the entire installation process can be a total waste of money and time. That is why you can hire commercial flooring contractors to help you with this tedious task.   With that said, there a...

candlflooring.com 11/23/2018

Carpet Cleaning – Go DIY or Call The Pros? - C & L Flooring

The dilemma is REAL! Do-it-yourself? or TRUST the EXPERTS? Find out!


candlflooring.com Having a nice and luxurious-looking carpet can be a great investment for your home. Aside from enhancing the overall look of your home, it can also filter noise and provide cushioning and comfort for your tired feet. Thus, a carpet installation in Dayton, Ohio can be a good idea.   On the contrary,...


Tripped into something - uh oh...

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A Brief History of Laminate Flooring - C & L Flooring

Let's check out the History of Laminate Flooring!

Learn more about this flooring here:


candlflooring.com A nice-looking flooring can greatly enhance your interior’s overall look. That is why there are a lot of options of laminate flooring in Dayton, Ohio, apart from the other flooring options available. Speaking of laminate flooring, this one has been around in the US only a few decades ago. So, how ...

candlflooring.com 11/09/2018

Different Types of Carpets Commonly Found in A Carpet Store In Dayton, Ohio - C & L Flooring

Here are the variety of carpets that can be found in a carpet store in Dayton, Ohio. Check it out!


candlflooring.com Buying a carpet in a carpet store in Dayton, Ohiocan be a good investment for your home. In fact, carpet purchases account for most flooring sales in the US than all types of flooring combined. After all, carpets are one of the most affordable flooring types available. Plus, it comes in a variety of...

candlflooring.com 11/05/2018

Tips on Choosing The Best Carpet Store in Dayton, Ohio - C & L Flooring

Are you looking for the BEST CARPET STORE in DAYTON, Ohio? Then, we can surely help you with that...


candlflooring.com Just like choosing which carpet material and design to buy, it is also equally important to choose which store to buy your carpet from. We all know how the right sales personnel, highly-skilled installation team, and the best after-sales service can influence your purchase decision. Otherwise, not o...

candlflooring.com 10/29/2018

FAQs By Customers When In A Carpet Store in Dayton, Ohio - C & L Flooring

So, here are some Frequently Asked Question that you might like to look over...


candlflooring.com Before buying an item in a store, grocery, or elsewhere, it’s not a crime to ask some questions for any clarifications. Questions involving the product’s price, material, manufacturer information, and benefits are some of the common concerns potential buyers ask about. The same applies when goin...


I think it is time to buy at C & L flooring for some carpets or floorings that you might want.

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Is Your Carpet Correctly Installed? - C & L Flooring

Now, how do you check if your carpet is properly installed?
Here are some sure signs to know if your carpet is properly installed.


candlflooring.com Carpet installation in Dayton, Ohioand elsewhere can be a tedious task. However, it can provide an overall pleasant and appealing aesthetic into your room, as long as it is done correctly. That is why carpet installation should be taken seriously because it’s considered a long-term investment for ...

candlflooring.com 10/22/2018

5 Tips On Laying Laminate Flooring - C & L Flooring

More Tips on How to Lay Laminate Flooring!

Check this out!


candlflooring.com Laminate flooring in Dayton, Ohio and elsewhere around the world is a great alternative to other flooring materials including wood. Unlike wood, laminate flooring is termite-resistant. Plus, laminate flooring often comes in easy-lock boards and won’t require any adhesives or nails to set it in pla...


Accident prone stairs! Beware!

candlflooring.com 10/17/2018

Laying Laminate Flooring – The Faster Way! - C & L Flooring

Are you interested with Laminate Flooring? Then, check out this tips on how to lay laminate flooring in a quick way...


candlflooring.com Laminate flooring installation can be a challenging task especially if it’s your first time. Although you can hire a professional installer to do laminate flooring in Dayton, Ohio or elsewhere, you may have to spend a little more aside from the materials. Of course, we all want every job to be don...

candlflooring.com 10/16/2018

Things to Consider About When Choosing Bathroom Flooring - C & L Flooring

Here are the things that you need to consider about when choosing a bathroom flooring...

Learn more here...


candlflooring.com Creating a look for a bathroom can be challenging as it seems. Think about the last time you visited an establishment and ended up getting turned off by how it looked. Perhaps it looked dirty or did not meet your design standards. This also applies when designing your own bathroom. If your bathroom....

candlflooring.com 10/12/2018

Which is Better: Carpet or Luxury Vinyl Flooring? - C & L Flooring

Which is better? Carpet or vinyl flooring? How about you? What would you choose? Maybe, there is something that you will learn here... Check this out!


candlflooring.com Many people consider carpet as a flooring material that you cannot go wrong. However, luxury vinyl flooring (LVF) is getting popular these days, and may soon outshine carpet as a flooring choice. For one, luxury vinyl flooring is now being used in commercial establishments such as office spaces, hot...

candlflooring.com 10/08/2018

FAQs Cleaning and Maintaining Luxury Vinyl Flooring - C & L Flooring

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions for vinyl flooring maintenance. Learn more here!


candlflooring.com Perhaps one of the best flooring materials around is luxury vinyl flooring. Not only the flooring material is easy to clean and maintain, but also attractive, durable, and long-lasting.   Ease of maintenance is one of the most important things to consider when choosing flooring. However, the challe...

candlflooring.com 10/04/2018

Easy Tips to Choose the Best Carpet - C & L Flooring

If you are confused what carpet to buy, then here are some easy tips that you can do to choose the BEST CARPET in Dayton, Ohio!


candlflooring.com There are various pointers out there on how to choose the best carpet. If you think about it, most of these tips and tricks will only “work” if they are closely tailored to what you truly need. Reading on may just guide you in choosing based on what you really need and want in a …

candlflooring.com 10/01/2018

6 Tips On Preparing Flooring For Carpet Installation - C & L Flooring

There are 6 tips on preparing flooring for carpet installation. Check this out!


candlflooring.com Most homeowners replace their carpets around every 10 years. Imagine that by this time, you have already chosen that nice-looking carpet for your home. Before putting that beautiful carpet, you must also consider how to prepare your flooring where your new carpet will be laid. Likewise, the steps ma...

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Our amazing Office Manager, Gina, installed this Cali Vinyl Pro vinyl plank in our showroom today! Great for the DIY'ers...
How to Rid Your Carpet of Unwanted Critters - C&L Flooring
Flooring Demolition
We can do what others will complain about and we'll do it on time and with a smile. Three layers of flooring. Nailed dow...




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