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Every employee takes their WORK very seriously; not THEMSELVES. We believe any project, any brand, any concept should be wholly describable in 3 words or phrases. Every design decision should be rooted in those 3 words, constantly unifying the working solution. Our 3 words: Creative. Sensible. Zealous. See what inspires us by following us on Pinterest at:

The Dayton Arcade: Waking the Giant Part 2 06/27/2021

The Dayton Arcade: Waking the Giant Part 2

Check us out on “The Dayton Arcade: Waking The Giant, Part 2”. So appreciative to be a part of this!

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The Dayton Arcade: Waking the Giant Part 2 Watch part two "Dayton Arcade: Waking the Giant," our in-depth, multi-dimensional, three-part documentary that tracks the restoration of the Dayton Arcade in...

PHOTOS: Gorgeous workspace revealed at The Manhattan in downtown Dayton 05/20/2021

PHOTOS: Gorgeous workspace revealed at The Manhattan in downtown Dayton

Congrats to Mile Two and Battle Sight Technologies on their new spaces!

PHOTOS: Gorgeous workspace revealed at The Manhattan in downtown Dayton The Manhattan officially opened its doors in downtown Dayton Friday, a milestone in the strengthening of what one local entrepreneur calls Dayton’s “Tech Corridor.” The historic building at 601 E. Third St. is home to software creator Mile Two and tech company Battle Sight Technologies. 09/11/2020

Building that once housed popular men’s clothing store to get $2.2M renovation

Excited about this Miamisburg mixed-use project (housing on the top and brewery on bottom)! 🍺 A historic downtown building that once was a popular regional shopping destination for men’s clothing will soon get a rebirth in Miamisburg. 08/13/2020

The Foodbank, Daybreak expand in Dayton region - Dayton Business Journal

We are so pleased to be helping Daybreak Dayton with their expansion of their Opportunity Zone building. We were so glad to help them with their original Dayton campus renovation and glad to see them continue to serve our community! We love non-profit work.

#dayton #daybreak #nonprofits #architecture Despite challenges from the Covid-19 pandemic, Dayton nonprofits are moving forward with expansions. 08/10/2020

2020 Virtual Art in the City - Videos: Meet the Artists & Behind the Scenes Tours | Downtown Dayton Partnership

2020 Virtual Art in the City: Meet the Artists Behind the Scenes. Thank you Downtown Dayton Partnership and Indigo Life Media Productions for chatting with our principal architect Jason Sheets for our team's work on the Dayton Arcade project. Check it out and thanks for the highlighting all the cool art initiatives going on in our city

💎 🎨
#gemcity #downtowndayton #daytonarcade VIRTUAL ART IN THE CITY CELEBRATE THE ARTS WHILE APART! DOING BUSINESSBusiness Resources Commercial Space Entrepreneurship Start Downtown Developer Resources THINGS TO DOCoronavirus – Businesses Open’ Downtown Events Calendar Festivals & Signature Events First Friday The Square Is Where Summer i...


Congrats to the Warped Wing team for putting together a very impressive 2nd location in Springboro, Ohio. Can’t wait to try the Barrel Room & Smokery very soon! Opening date coming in August. The Moda4 design team was very lucky to help support this project. Cheering for WW! 🍻👌🏻 05/29/2020

Downtown Dayton architecture firm navigates Covid-19 storm - Dayton Business Journal

“Downtown Dayton Architecture Firm navigates Covid-19 Storm"

Thanks to Dayton Business Journal and Elizabeth Kyle Kyle for highlighting MODA4 Design + Architecture owner and principal architect Jason Sheets on navigating the Covid-19 waters. Check out the story below:
#architecture #interiordesign #dayton A bustling downtown Dayton architecture firm has been weathering the Covid-19 storm, moving forward with its large-scale development projects. 04/29/2020

New photos: Take a closer look at Warped Wing's second location - Dayton Business Journal

Thanks Dayton Business Journal for helping us take a closer look inside Warped Wing Brewing Company's 2nd location. Congrats to their team for pushing through and giving us all something to look forward to! ~Moda4 Team One of Dayton's largest breweries' expansion project is still moving forward, with plans to debut this summer.


**SNEAK PEEK** Interiors of New Local Brewery Project!

Warped Wing Brewing Co. Barrel Room & Smokery in downtown Springboro


We are so glad to share the story of Arcade construction worker Ashley as an Arcade update. We got to know her during the Women of the Arcade story. Well done Dayton Arcade team pushing thru and doing the hard work to see this project through! Thank you for making Moda4 designer's designs become a reality!

#grit #Daytonarcade #Downtown #womeninconstruction

• A S H L E Y • September 2019 •

“It's taken me a long time to get here and like myself, to be okay. I'm not okay with everything I've done. But I know there's a difference from me then to me now. Aztec (Services Group) gave me a chance. They know my story. I'm very open with them, I'm very honest. They ask me, they're encouraging. They support me. I have a child and I'm trying to get my other child. I live in transitional housing, I'm trying to, you know, better my life. And they've given me the opportunity.

Yeah, I've been in prison. It sucks, but I've been there. You don't know who needs to hear my story. Or what their opportunities are going to be. And if it wasn't for Aztec helping me, Linda Vista helping me, Nova helping me... I probably would be dead.”

(Ashley Macy, demolition, Innovative Labor and Cleaning Services)

📷 © Andy Snow

#HumansoftheArcade #DaytonArcade #HistoryMadeHere #DaytonInspires #DiscoverOhio 04/22/2020

Developers push ahead on Dayton's biggest projects despite Covid-19 delays - Dayton Business Journal

Glad to see great developments are still happening downtown!

We are glad to support our clients at the Dayton Arcade Renovation and The Manhattan project during this time. So grateful to hear project updates!

Great read Dayton Business Journal Developers behind some of downtown Dayton's largest projects say their efforts will not be halted due to the Covid-19 outbreak, though there will be some impact on timelines and the ability to attract new tenants.


Tender Mercy

What a pleasure for Moda4 Design Architecture team to collaborate with these super talented folks on this project. Wishing Tender Mercy the very best.
What an amazing addition to the Gem City. Well done friends ! looking forward to having drinks at TM cocktail lounge in the Avant Garde building again soon. thanks for the laughs

P E E K . I T . Y O . / / whilst we are all cooped up in our cribs freaking out about the last bottle of hand sanitizer, you can follow sabrina through ours. she changes outfits at least half as much as mariah did and no she won’t show you the piano we bought from marilyn monroe. we do have a statue of jared leto and if you didn’t get to visit us pre quarantine you can add this to your video binge list. see you cats on the other side.
#staytender 04/10/2020

Dayton architecture firm's projects move forward - Dayton Business Journal

Thanks to the Dayton Business Journal and reporter Elizabeth Kyle for featuring Moda4 Design as their Dayton small business profile this week. We are so fortunate to move forward with projects and great clients during this COVID-19 time. Hope this brings a little positivity to your newsfeed today ⭐️ A downtown Dayton architecture firm has pivoted its way through the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, moving forward with its projects.


Thanks Dayton Business Journal for covering Goodwill Easter Seals Miami Valley's new Trotwood Center. Moda4 loved designing their main Dayton office, excited to designing this West Dayton campus as well! #dayton #Goodwill #architecture #interiordesign 02/26/2020

Dayton Arcade ‘ahead of schedule’ in leasing out business offices

Check out our principal architect and interior designer's comments on updates about the Dayton Arcade project!
Thanks WDTN-TV and @Aliah Williamson WDTN
for the coverage. According to officials, a majority of the leasing space for businesses is being claimed before the official announcement about the space being available has even gone out.


arcadedayton on Twitter

Great progress happening at the Dayton Arcade!

“Concrete evidence of our construction progress😉@ThinkTV's three-part documentary on the Arcade premieres summer 2020. For more:” 02/25/2020

MODA4 Design + Architecture on LinkedIn: Thanks to Goodwill Easter Seals Miami Valley Lance Detrick for the Thanks to Goodwill Easter Seals Miami Valley Lance Detrick for the MODA4 Design + Architecture shout out! Congrats on the article GW and thanks for the... 02/25/2020

MODA4 Design + Architecture on LinkedIn: #daytonarcade ULI Cincinnati hosted their “Real Deal” event today in the Arcade’s McCrory Building. Jason Sheets shared his experience working on the Arcade’s architectural... 02/25/2020

MODA4 Design + Architecture on LinkedIn: #architecture #design #architecturestudent This past Saturday MODA4 Design + Architecture had the pleasure of hosting area high school students for a design review for the local Art in Architecture... 02/25/2020

MODA4 Design + Architecture on LinkedIn: #arcade #architecture #adaptivereuse “When leaders believe in a city it’s amazing what things happen” Thanks to Mayor of Dayton Nan Whaley for a great vision for revitalizing Dayton. What... 12/19/2019

MODA4 Design + Architecture on LinkedIn: Third Street Arcade, J.K. McIntire Building receive historic tax credits

Breaking News!! Two of our Dayton Tax credit projects got awarded Tax Credits. Celebrate with us. Go Dayton! Breaking News!! ~ Two Dayton adaptive re-use projects got awarded tax credits in this round! The North Arcade (Arcade's Phase 2) passed a significant hurdle... 12/02/2019

MODA4 Design + Architecture on LinkedIn: "Hanging out at PBS’s Dayton ThinkTV PBS studios with MODA4 Design + Architecture’s principal architect getting interviewed about the exciting Downtown Dayton Adaptive Re-use Development Project, The... November 26, 2019: MODA4 Design + Architecture posted images on LinkedIn


ThinkTV Network

Check out this clip from the upcoming Arcade documentary, featuring some of our renderings for the Innovation Hub.
Thank you, ThinkTV for making this documentary. We are so looking forward to seeing the final product!

Within the walls of the Arcade, many changes are taking place. The first phase of construction is going to bring some new and exciting things to downtown Dayton. Learn a little more about the redevelopment of the Arcade block!

Learn about our documentary project about this historic project: The Dayton Arcade #ArcadeTTV #DaytonArcadeTTV

[10/03/19]   Another great installment from the Humans of the Arcade Series!


Fresh off the presses! Dayton Business Journal’s cover story with these amazing women and their contributions to The Dayton Arcade project. Thanks to reporter Elizabeth Kyle and photographer Tom Gilliam.

So excited to see MODA4 Design + Architecture’s lead Interior designer Jennifer Wiley featured. In Jenn’s words, “I hope people support and appreciate the new outlook it’s taking. It’s not going to be exactly what it was before. It’s adapting to what is needed now”. #vision #interiordesign #arcade


Dayton Arcade

Construction on the old Dayton Arcade building is well underway, and as Phase I is moving along, the City of Dayton is working on financing Phase II. 09/17/2019

MODA4 Design + Architecture on LinkedIn: "**Sneak Peek** on set for “Women of the Dayton Arcade” article photoshoot. Expected in print, front page on Sept 27th. Thanks so much to Elizabeth Kyle at the Dayton Business Journal for featuring the...

**Sneak Peek** on set for “Women of the Dayton Arcade” article photoshoot. Expected in print, front page on Sept 27th.

Thanks so much to Elizabeth Kyle at the Dayton Business Journal for featuring the original women of the Arcade.

Our feature will include photos + interviews from the women on the construction team from Aztec Services Group, Inc..,. Frances Kern Mennone from Cross Street, Shelley Dickstein from the City of Dayton, Annette Stevenson, CPA, Friends of the Arcade ladies and including our very own MODA4 Design + Architecture Lead Interior Designer Jennifer Wiley.

So proud of you all! Special thanks to Tom Gilliam for doing photos and Megan Dunn for helping us coordinate. #interiordesign #development #construction #finance #revitalization
#daytonarcade #downtowndayton September 16, 2019: MODA4 Design + Architecture posted images on LinkedIn


Sparks were flying during our site visit to the Arcade on Monday. The old elevator shaft is coming down! (And so did that old “Happy Holly Days” sign that had amazingly stayed up there for all these years!) #daytonarcade


Dayton Arcade

A look at the replacement of the glass in the large dome of the Rotunda Building at the Arcade. The difference is amazing.

ThinkTV’s rotunda glass video trailer is great. This is in prep for their upcoming 60 minute documentary on the Arcade.


Indigo Life

See some of the progress being made on the demo at the Arcade! Since this video was taken, new glass has started to be installed in the Rotunda, and it looks amazing! So much more light.

Come along side Jason and Johnny as they walk through the beginning phases of development on Dayton Arcade. Walls knocked out and floors are opened up!

Watch over 25 more Decoding Dayton episodes only on #Sharethisvideo 05/16/2019

Architect in Arcade redevelopment using innovative building material

Thanks to Tom @ Dayton Daily News for Sunday's feature! We appreciate the support on our innovative projects. Link to article below featuring our principal architect: Moda4 Design works with modular methods


Thank you for the shout out, and thank you to the Masonry Institute of Dayton! You can see more photos of the Alter project on our website:

The Masonry Institute of Dayton’s Excellence in Masonry Awards were presented by Bob Dunlevey, General Counsel of the MID at this year's Team Building Night.

The Excellence in Masonry Award is presented to projects that reflect the best in building design and that highlight all of the positive aspects of masonry. Three awards were presented and all reflect excellence in meeting the criteria for the award.

Congratulations to
Matt Gostomsky of Gostomsky Masonry and Jason Sheets with Moda4 Design for the Alter Conservatory of Arts project.

Tim Norton of Hagerman Construction and Tim Bement of App Architecture for the Kettering Fire Station project.

Greg Schuerman of PCC Masonry and Michael Myers with Fanning Howey Associates for the Urbana PK-8 School project. 04/25/2019

Dayton Arcade financing deal closes, city celebrates

It's official! The redevelopment of the Dayton Arcade reached a milestone with the closing of financing today.




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