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It’s always fun popping by the printer.

If you know someone who's interested in an HVAC apprenticeship, reach out to Lifestyle Comfort Solutions.

Every week on Performance Today's Piano Puzzler, Bruce Adolphe rewrites a familiar tune in the style of a classical composer. Can you guess the hidden tune and name the composer? On Discover Classical, you can hear the Piano Puzzler every Wednesday during the 6:00pm hour of Performance Today. If you miss it, just tune in on Fridays at 7:50am to catch our Piano Puzzler Encore.

Performance Today is sponsored by Lifestyle Comfort Solutions.
The Piano Puzzler Encore is sponsored by The Piano Preparatory School.
Award submission book and branded USB for EnviroControl Systems, Inc. Heating and Cooling and Lifestyle Comfort Solutions, our WBE HVAC client in 🤩 They won! 🪄🏆🥇

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Congratulations 🎉 to our friends at EnviroControl Systems and Lifestyle Comfort Solutions for winning the prestigious Eagle Award last night. If you need and they are your people!

What an awesome company! Check out woman-owned Lifestyle Comfort Solutions 👯‍♀️
Enjoy another broadcast of Concert Night with the Dayton Philharmonic tonight at 8pm on Discover Classical. Spencer Myer is the soloist in Mozart's Piano Concerto No. 20, and Neal Gittleman leads the DPO in Mahler's Symphony No. 4, with soprano Mary Wilson. Sponsored by Lifestyle Comfort Solutions.
In France in 1976, Neal Gittleman met Emile Naoumoff. In Ohio in 2015, Neal conducted a concert with Emile playing Grieg's Piano Concerto. Listen at 8pm to Discover Classical's Concert Night with the Dayton Philharmonic, sponsored by Lifestyle Comfort Solutions.
Part of our clean air for Lifestyle Comfort Solutions.
Lifestyle Comfort Solutions' basketball team was tournament champs. Grace reminds you that you are always a winner with Lifestyle Comfort Solutions.
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Lifestyle Comfort Systems creates homes and workplaces that are comfortable, safe, healthy and energ

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Operating as usual


EnviroControl Systems is proud to announce that it has been named an Associated Builders and Contractors 2022 Top Performer in two categories: Plumbing/HVAC, and Contractors with Special Designations. We knew our team was the best!

Photos from Lifestyle Comfort Solutions's post 02/16/2022

Lisa and Jessica sharing the great opportunities in the HVAC skilled professional trade with students of the Dayton Regional STEM school.


How exciting! Lifestyle Comfort Solutions was named Best Central Air Conditioning-Install AND Best Refrigeration System-Repair or Service by Dayton Magazine. Thanks to Daytonians who voted for us. You're the reason we do what we do.

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While this has nothing to do with heating and cooling, at this time of the year and with many in need, Lisa found it very helpful

photo credit: unknown


Just a reminder. The symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning mimic the flu. Don't assume you are just 'under the weather". Time for your seasonal furnace check, and professional grade, low-level CO detection.


Lisa, President of Lifestyle Comfort Solutions, is a big fan of scented candles. Imagine my surprise to learn that mass produced candles may contain an ingredient call "limonene" which changes to formaldehyde when exposed to the air. Read candle ingredients like you read food ingredients. And talk to Lifestyle Comfort Solutions about improving your indoor air quality


Trade school or four year degree? Parents and young adults, you need to watch this!



Wondering if your air-conditioner is working as it should? Most air-conditioners work best when outdoor temperature remains at or below 95 degrees. Even the best system can struggle some during high heat and humidity like we are experiencing in Dayton this week. Call if you need us--937.202.4520 but your unit may just need a little patience during end-of-summer heat waves.


With government mandates shutting down the manufacturer and use of certain refrigerants, the cost is going sky-high. One has hit $300 a pound. Even the smallest leak can result in a large repair bill. There's still lots of hot weather ahead. Call Lifestyle Comfort Solutions (937/202.4520) at the first sign of air-conditioner trouble.


The combination of heat and humidity is life threatening. When outdoor humidity rises above 70% the air is already so full of water that your body's natural cooling mechanism, evaporation of sweat, ceases to function. Stay hydrated. Cool down in air-conditioning whenever possible. Call Lifestyle Comfort Solutions if you need help staying cool during these dog days of Summer.

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If you postponed replacing an ailing Dayton furnace last Spring, DELAY NO LONGER. Lifestyle Comfort Solutions is experiencing significant price increases on materials, some as much as 25%. Further, manufacturer and delivery delays are slowing things down. Stay warm and cozy this Winter. Call Lifestyle Comfort Solutions today at 937.202.4520.


Regrettably, a client just lost a new system due to a power surge caused by the recent summer storm. While your heating/cooling system is a workhorse, it's also vulnerable. Call us today to install cost-effective surge protection.


Supporting our mission of technical expertise and innovative solutions. VRF (variable refrigerant flow) technology training at Lifestyle Comfort Solutions today.

Photos from Lifestyle Comfort Solutions's post 05/13/2021

Our Team has been working at Woodland Cemetery renovating the HVAC Systems. We are so excited to be a part of this historic restoration!


While their emergence depends solely on the weather, many predict the start of the Great Cicada invasion tomorrow, May 13, and lasting into mid-July Will they hurt your outdoor heat pump/a.c. Yes, and No! Lifestyle Comfort Solutions suggests you keep a close eye on your outdoor equipment and sweep away any visible insect debris. Large numbers might clog the unit and cause damage. Call us immediately at 937.202.4520 if your heat pump/ac/chiller/cooling tower just doesn't seem to be working properly. We'll take care of whatever "bugs" you.

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Think insulation only helps in Winter. Not so. Keep your cool, and protect against Summer's heat through proper insulation. Year-round comfort!

Timeline photos 05/11/2021

It’s Spring in Dayton. It's time to plant trees, shrubs, bushes, and to install outdoor hardscapes!
Before you dig, remember that there are practical steps to protect the more than two million miles of underground pipelines that bring natural gas, CO2, and hazardous liquids through your yard.

Timeline photos 05/05/2021

Wreaking HVAoC ....
Mother Nature often challenges HVAC systems inside and outside our homes. This Air Conditioning Unit is covered in Cottonwood Seed... Can you tell us how long it took to end up this way? The correct answer will win a gift certificate from Bunker's Bar and Grill!

Timeline photos 05/04/2021

On this May the 4th... We examine things belong together. Bread and butter. Cookies and milk. C3PO and R2D2. Most people don’t enjoy one without the other.
Your HVAC system is the same way, as the foundation for your comfort, safety, health, and energy efficiency.
Learn more about how to get the most out of your system by matching it with the right accessories.

Timeline photos 04/26/2021

If you are a business owner in Dayton - you are a part of an incredible community of peers focused on your success! Check out the available resources by following the link below.

The calendar on their site will offer more information on upcoming events.

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Federal tax credits until December 31, 2021 put energy-saving, and earth-loving geothermal heating and cooling within reach. Call Lifestyle Comfort Solutions at 937.275.4718 to learn more

Timeline photos 04/22/2021

Happy Earth Day!
Follow the link below to learn about how Geothermal Energy can Control Emissions, Reduce Peak Energy Demands, and Reduce Landfill Waste.

Timeline photos 04/21/2021

As Earth Day approaches... Lifestyle Comfort Solutions is talking Geothermal Energy and it's benefits.
When you walk outside, there’s a power plant right under your feet. The modern geothermal heat pump, means property owners no longer have to choose between saving money & saving the planet!

Timeline photos 04/20/2021

Earth Day 2021 is coming up on April 22!
Our next set of blogs discusses Geothermal Energy and how it puts the Earth's free energy to work!
Fun Fact : As one of the World’s best solar collectors, the earth absorbs 47% of the Sun’s heat into the Earth’ surface.

Timeline photos 04/09/2021

EnviroControl Systems is proud to announce that we were named to the Associated Builders and Contractors’ 2021 NATIONAL Top Performers list. This list recognizes ABC member contractors’ in safety, quality, diversity, and project excellence.
EnviroControl Systems ranked #1 in Ohio and #25 in the Nation among ABC’s Top Plumbing/HVAC Contractors. We were further recognized as an ABC Top Performing Woman Business Enterprise!
To learn more about this recognition, please visit the link below:

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Timeline photos 04/06/2021

Essential oils are exploding in popularity. Whether used for health reasons, to keep homes smelling fresh, or to relieve stress, what is good for you may not be good for your pets. At the end of the day, mechanical air purification may be a better, safer way to go.
Learn more in our latest blog.

Timeline photos 04/04/2021

Hoppy Easter from Every-Bunny at Lifestyle Comfort Solutions & EnviroControl Systems!
May your day be filled with good things and good times with those you care for.

Timeline photos 04/01/2021

Happy Anniversary to us!
On this date in 2004 EnviroControl Systems & Lifestyle Comfort Solutions began their entrepreneurial journeys.
Since 2004, our company has grown in so many ways and we are thankful and appreciative of everything we have experienced along the way. Thank you to employees, vendors, customers, and family members who participate in our mission and vision everyday : Keeping homes and families healthy, safe, comfortable, and energy efficient!

Photos from Lifestyle Comfort Solutions's post 03/31/2021

We take great pride in our Apprenticeship Training Program! Here are some recent pictures from our recent program... if you are interested in learning about careers in HVAC, our apprenticeship program could change your life and offer incredible opportunities.
Visit to learn more!

Timeline photos 03/29/2021

It's Mechanic Monday! Meet Lance....
Lance Campbell has become a client favorite at Lifestyle Comfort Solutions. Lance, whose full name is Lancelott, hails from Jamaica. Don’t let Lance’s youthful appearance fool you. He completed his Ohio Journeyman certificate in November, 2020. Lance embraced opportunity in HVAC a bit later in life than some, but has made the most of his Lifestyle Comfort Solutions’ apprenticeship. Lance is known for his grit and never say die spirit. You’ll enjoy getting to know Lance as much as we have.

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Timeline photos 03/26/2021

Spring is here, and so is it's sidekick... Seasonal Allergies.
If you're suffering this season we have some great products that that will work with your HVAC system to improve air quality.
Call us today to learn more about the products we recommend & how they can keep your home & workplace comfortable!

Timeline photos 03/24/2021

Welcome to Wreaking HAVoC!
A monthly series that will test, nourish, & inform you about some common (& uncommon) industry issues.
Enter your suspicions (& guesses) to the question below and we will choose someone to enjoy lunch or dinner Bunker's Bar and Grill!
Can you tell us what happened to this air conditioning unit? Comment below!

Timeline photos 03/23/2021

In its pure state, natural gas has no distinct odor. Gas companies add a chemical with a very distinct odor to alert you to the life-threatening possibility of a gas leak.
In our latest blog - we discuss what to do and how to handle this dangerous situation.

Timeline photos 03/17/2021

Fun Fact for you this St. Patrick's Day :
Did you know that St. Patrick is not a recognized saint by the Catholic Church? He is venerated as a Saint, however - and considered the "Enlightener of Ireland".
All fun facts aside... We are lucky to have great customers, amazing employees, and incredible vendors.
What do YOU feel lucky about?

Timeline photos 03/09/2021

Mold is everywhere—in the air and on surfaces. Molds have been on Earth for thousands of years. Mold’s potential harmful effects have become the subject of alarming media reporting.
Our latest blog helps you separate valid concerns from scare tactics with some common-sense advice.

Our Story

Lifestyle Comfort Solutions meets the heating/cooling and indoor air quality needs of homes and workplaces throughout the Greater Dayton area. Under two generations of the Crosley family’s day-to-day direction, Lifestyle Comfort Solutions provides straight-forward advice, solutions others miss, and a unique home performance approach to comfort.

A division of EnviroControl Systems, Lifestyle Comfort Solutions creates homes and workplaces which are comfortable, safe, healthy, and energy efficient. Clients choose Lifestyle Comfort Solutions for their innovative solutions, technical expertise, and commitment to excellence in customer service.

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