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Locksmith Service in Dayton , OH Here at Dayton Locksmith Master we push ourselves on making our customers happy by providing great Locksmith Services and for a reasonable price .

We offer the best quality service and trained professionals in Dayton , OH metro area. please give us a call for any type of Locksmith work Residential Commercial and Automotive 24 hours 7 days a week.

Operating as usual 10/12/2021

5 tips to keeping your keys safe:

Keys are the physical embodiment of the passcode to your door. Leave them out, and you’ll probably end up risking the security of your property. If you’re careless with them, anyone can make a copy or steal them to gain access into your property. Keep them safe, and you’ll keep your property safe. Here are a few tips that will help you keep your keys from falling into the wrong hands:

#1: Consider using a wireless key finder:
A wireless key finder is a compact device that can be attached to your key chain and can send out a tracking signal that could be detected by your smartphone.

#2: Use a bulky keychain
If you’re not willing to spend on a wireless key finder, use the conventional key chain. However, ensure that it is bulky and easy to spot so you could easily retrieve the key bunch, if you drop it.

#3: Never leave them unattended
Would you leave a framed picture of your social security number for everyone to see? No, then why should keys be any different? Always carry them with you, wherever you go.

#4: Leave an extra set with someone you trust:
Entrust a neighbor or a close friend with a set of keys. In case you lose track of your keys, you’ll always have a back up set, so that you don’t lose access entirely.

#5: Know a locksmith around you
If you lose your keys or if they’re stolen, you need to get in touch with a locksmith right away. Hiring a random locksmith without proper credentials is a strict no-no. Choose a locksmith beforehand so you have someone reliable to fall back on during critical situations.

If you live in Scotts Valley, CA, we at Dayton Locksmith Master can help you with key copying, new key making as well as lock rekeying services. Apart from this, we also offer a host of other services. For more information, visit our website 10/05/2021

Looking for cost-effective locksmith solutions in Scotts Valley, CA? You’ve found it! At Dayton Locksmith Master, we provide the highest quality as well as the vastest range of locksmith services at budget-friendly prices. You can call us on 937-583-2120 or drop an email on [email protected] to enquire about our prices. All our prices are nominal and do not fluctuate based on the time you call us at or the location you request our services in. 09/28/2021

Key fob repairs:

It’s indeed a luxury to be able to unlock/lock your vehicle from a distance, without manually struggling with the task of turning the key in the lock. However, like every other electronic component, these remote key fobs are also susceptible to failure. You don’t have to throw the entire thing away and replace it with a new one, because in most cases, repairs are possible. Loose wiring, faulty chip or a broken internal component can cause your key fob to go haywire. Hire an expert from Dayton Locksmith Master to take a look before shelling out huge money for a replacement. Our auto locksmiths will put their technical skills to the test and get it working in no time.

Apart from this, there’s a host of other locksmith services that we offer in Scotts Valley, CA. For more information, check out our website: 09/21/2021

I’ve just moved into a new property. Can I rekey locks by myself?

It’s not impossible and yes, it is possible to just do it yourself. However, doing it yourself requires a lot of time and commitment. You can expect spending several hours just to get it done. Purchasing a kit is easy but, after just moving in do you have enough time to commit to rekeying? This is why calling a professional locksmith is advisable. They will get the work done in no time and you can focus on unpacking and setting up the house.

Get in touch with Dayton Locksmith Master today! We’ll reach your residence within 20 minutes and rekey your locks in no time. We also provide a wide range of other locksmith services in Scotts Valley, CA. Talk to our experts on 937-583-2120 to know more. 09/13/2021

The art of key making:

Keys are no longer crudely cut physical entities these days, but have added layer of complexities that make it nearly impossible for a commoner to duplicate them. Requiring specialized equipment, key blanks, key cutters, an eye for detail and extreme precision, modern-day key making is nothing less than an art – an art that your local hardware store technician might not be a master at. We, at Dayton Locksmith Master, offer advanced key making solutions at a nominal cost. Throw us any challenge, and we’ll precision-engineer a key for your needs.

Contact us on 937-583-2120 for all your lock and key needs in Scotts Valley, CA. For more information on our other services, please check our website 09/03/2021

Smart solutions for enhanced security:

Conventional locks are fast losing their allure, owing to the fact that modern-day criminals have found numerous ways to exploit the vulnerabilities of such systems. Switch to smart locking solutions today and pave the way for better, robust, and impenetrable security.

Here are 5 locks you can consider:

• Kwikset Kevo
• August Connect
• Schlage Sense
• Yale Assure
• Lockitron Bolt

From Bluetooth connectivity, to keypad operated variants to remote controlled versions, there are a lot of other options and feature-loaded locks to be explored. Dayton Locksmith Master is available in Scotts Valley, CA to assist you in picking the right lock for your property. Talk to our experts by dialing 937-583-2120 and discuss your options. 08/27/2021

Expert security tip:

Criminals consider unoccupied homes an easy target and that’s why you need to create the illusion that you’re home, even when you’re not. Use timers on lights, TVs, Radios. While your electricity bills are bound to shoot up, it’s a small trade off for greater security.

If you’re looking for comprehensive expert security solutions, get in touch with the locksmiths at Dayton Locksmith Master. We have decades of industry experience, and can arm your property with the most-advanced, robust and high security locks to make your property virtually impenetrable. Want to know about what we offer in Scotts Valley, CA? It’s simple! Dial 937-583-2120. 08/20/2021

Lock maintenance tip: - Lubricate your locks annually. Experts do not recommend using petroleum-based products. Graphite lubricants, Teflon and other dry lubricants are good choices. Spray a small amount into the keyway and push the key in and out of the lock several times. A more thorough lubrication would involve dismantling the lock, which could be done by a professional.

For lock maintenance, repairs and installation, call the nearest locksmith to you in Scotts Valley, CA on 937-583-2120. At Dayton Locksmith Master, we’ve got a trained crew that provides unparalleled service at affordable costs. Visit to know more. 08/13/2021

Isn’t rekeying and replacing the locks the same?

While most people think they are the same, they aren’t. Replacing the locks means acquiring a completely new hardware and you get a completely new lock. This can be a time consuming and an expensive process. You may consider replacing your locks if they are small in number but, if there are many locks and if they are of a top-notch model then opt for rekeying instead. In rekeying, you don’t change your locks. Instead, a locksmith uses the existing hardware to replace the internal configuration so that a new key opens the lock. The expenses don’t go overboard and the time consumed is even less.

If you live in Scotts Valley, CA, get in touch with Dayton Locksmith Master for affordable rekeying solutions as well as a wide range of other locksmith services. You can check out our complete range of services on our website 08/06/2021

Why is it important to lock your garage door? Most garage spaces include a secondary entryway into your home. Lax security could result in your property being infiltrated. A few owners choose to convert their garage into a mini-gym, store tools and other equipment, in addition to parking their vehicles. Without ample security, you’ll end up risking it all. Security begins with locks – and that’s where we, at Dayton Locksmith Master, can help you out. Our locking solutions extend not just to your front entry door, windows, cabinets etc but also to your garage door.

Consult our experts today by calling 937-583-2120! We’re the best locksmithing firm in Scotts Valley, CA. 07/30/2021

Tips to protect your vehicle from theft:

Do we really want your vehicle to get stolen just because of lax security? Protect what is precious to you. Here are 5 tips to secure your vehicle:

#1 Double check if all the doors have been locked:

This may sound redundant but it is still the most important thing you need to remember. By leaving your doors unlocked, you are practically sending out an open invite to thieves to steal your vehicle. It will only take a few minutes but it will save you a lot of hassle in the future.

#2 Do not leave valuables in sight

If there are any valuables in your vehicle such as Laptops, CD's, Mobile phones etc, carry them with you if possible, otherwise put them in the glove compartment. Having them in plain view will only attract unwanted attention.

#3 Vehicle alarm:

Car alarms alert you as and when there is someone trying to break into your vehicle. Although it cannot protect the vehicle in itself or the valuables in it, a thief will think twice before targeting a vehicle that he knows has an alarm built into it.

#4 Vehicle Immobilizer:

A vehicle immobilizer is an electronic device that prevents the car from being started by someone who doesn't have a proper key. Though this will not stop the car from being broken into, it will however prevent the car from being stolen.

#5 Secure Parking:

If you have a garage at home it is advisable to park your vehicle in it rather than out on the street. If you are parking on the road when you are out, park it in a street that is well lit where there are a lot of people. If you are able to park it in an area with CCTV cameras, that is even better.

If you want to explore the various security options for your vehicle, we, at Dayton Locksmith Master, can help you! Get in touch with us for security solutions and a wide range of other locksmith services in Scotts Valley, CA. Call: 937-583-2120 07/23/2021

Are you tired of being fleeced by locksmiths? Make the right choice by hiring Dayton Locksmith Master. We provide the most honest, qualitative and affordable solutions in Scotts Valley, CA. Here’s a quick overview of our services:

• All types of locks repaired
• Key making services
• New lock installation
• Security consultation
• Door installation/repairs
• Spare key creation
• Deadbolt installation
• Transponder key making
• Emergency unlock service
• Trunk unlocking
• Ignition repairs
• Safe installation
• File cabinet/mailbox locks
And more.

For our complete list of services, visit our website: 07/15/2021

Don’t know where to shop for the latest and most technologically-advanced locks? Dayton Locksmith Master can help you there! We stock everything, from the conventional to the contemporary! Plus, if you have any trouble choosing the best lock for your property, our experts will analyze your requirements and come up with the best suggestion. Call us on 937-583-2120 today to buy the best locks available in Scotts Valley, CA! 07/08/2021

For 24-hour locksmith solutions in Scotts Valley, CA, reach out to Dayton Locksmith Master! Our helplines are open round-the-clock and we can send assistance within 20 minutes of placing a call on 937-583-2120. Also, there are no additional charges for late-night service and no hidden fees, so you can get the desired help without having to worry about the costs.

Want to know more? Check out our website 07/01/2021

Top 5 locks you cannot go wrong with:

• ASSA- Abloy locks
• Kwikset Double Cylinder deadbolt
• Prime-Line Security ENTRY E-2293 Mortise Lockset
• Schlage Century Touchscreen Deadbolt Lock
• Medeco Maxum 11*603 door lock

Dayton Locksmith Master stocks the best locks from top manufacturers. Consult our experts for the best locking solutions you can find in Scotts Valley, CA. Call 937-583-2120 to know more. 06/24/2021

Security do’s and don’ts:

• Use high quality locks on your property
• Use reinforced steel doors or other sturdy doors
• Secure every entry point into the property
• Ensure that windows are secured with security grilles
• Give out your keys only to trusted individuals
• Upgrade your locks periodically

• Leave out your keys under the rug or the vase
• Use cheap locks, or self-rekey variants
• Trust a locksmith that has improper credentials
• Publish your address online
• Keep valuables in obvious places
• Ignore the importance of a proper security system

For security consultation and to avail the services of the most established and highly reputed locksmith in Scotts Valley, CA, call this number: 937-583-2120. Dayton Locksmith Master is available for assistance 24/7. 06/17/2021

Secure your property:

At Dayton Locksmith Master, we don’t just provide locksmith services, but provide a customized, well thought-out locksmith solution that’s designed to sync with your security requirements. We understand the way criminals think and act, and also know what would work the best for you. Hire our experts today by dialing 937-583-2120 and take the first step in reinforcing the security of your premises.

Get the most affordable and reliable solutions in Scotts Valley, CA! Find out more on: 06/10/2021

Are you looking for affordable locksmith solutions in Scotts Valley, CA? At Dayton Locksmith Master, we price our services nominally to make our services accessible to everyone. It doesn’t matter if you have a low budget, because our services will fit right into it. With a flat upfront rate provided and zero added charges, you can expect the best at the lowest rate.

Call 937-583-2120 to talk to our representative or visit our website for more details: 06/03/2021

Mobile key maker in Scotts Valley, CA:

You don’t have to bring your keys to our workshop – we bring the workshop to you! Our mobile vans are loaded with highly sophisticated key cutting machinery and a vast collection of key blanks that enable our key makers to make just about any key, onsite. Call 937-583-2120 to order our mobile solutions today.
Get served with the highest quality locksmith services at your doorstep from Dayton Locksmith Master! 05/27/2021

Unlock service:

Lost your keys? Is the lock jammed shut? Don’t let it rob you of access to something you value. At Dayton Locksmith Master, we offer unlocking solutions designed to restore access using non-destructive techniques. With a comprehensive experience in the same, we can unlock just about any locked door in no time. You can contact us to unlock:
• Car door
• Safes
• File cabinet
• Gates
• Windows
• Car trunk
• Mailboxes
• Entry doors
• Cupboards

We’re available 24/7 in Scotts Valley, CA - so, don’t hesitate to reach us on 937-583-2120 if you’ve got something that has to be unlocked! 05/20/2021

Top 5 reasons to choose Dayton Locksmith Master:
Do you live in Scotts Valley, CA and have been struggling to find a reliable and affordable locksmith? Your search has now come to an end! Here are five reasons why you should choose us:

#1: We’re super reliable:
Ever hired someone only to find that they’ve bailed out on you? Well, with us, it won’t come to that! We’ve never once wavered on lending the required support to our customers.

#2: We’re older and wiser:
Put your faith in our decades of experience in the arena! No one knows the industry more than we do! We know what works and what doesn’t and can prescribe the best solutions and render unparalleled services.

#3: We put YOU first:
We are where we are because of YOU – and that’s what makes us so committed to serving our customers. Call us at 3 am, and you’ll find us at your doorstep in no time. That’s how much we value our customers.

#4: We’re affordable:
Compare our prices with others, and you’ll find that we provide the best deal at prices that fit right into your budget. No extra charges, no convenience fees, no hidden costs – our flat pricing scheme is a hit with customers.

#5: We’re sticklers for quality:
Even if you purchase the cheapest lock from our inventory, you’ll find that it is of the highest quality. From the equipment we use, to the products we sell, everything carries a stamp of superior quality.

To hire the best locksmith in the region, dial 937-583-2120! If you want more insight into what we do, visit our website:




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