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Uniting HVAC and Home Performance Comfort Institute, Inc. (CI) is an international indoor comfort research, training and consumer protection organization based in Bellingham, Washington with trainers and offices located throughout the United States and Canada.

Comfort Institute's Consumer Protection Division provides homeowners with valuable consumer information and tips that cover many aspects of home comfort including ways to reduce or completely eliminate common problems such as:

•hot and cold spots
•excessive dust
•allergy and asthma suffering
•dry or damp indoor air
•unhealthy indoor air
•noisy or unreliable heating/cooling equipment
•excessive ut

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#Home Performance 101: #Ductwork should be airtight. Here's an example of conditioned air being wasted...leaking through tiny cracks, holes, and seams in the air vents and #duct system. #HVAC #ductleakage #ductsealing

Abra-Ka-Dabra! The ultimate #magic trick...making the #invisible visible!

The #airconditioning and #heating in your #home is invisible. That means #ductleakage is typically invisible too. However, with #infrared #technology, your local #HVAC #contractor can actually show you the air leaking out of your #ductwork. Cool, huh?

LEAVE A COMMENT below if you see what your #house looks like under infrared.


Using your blower door and pressure pan to find #ductleakage can only get you so far. The next step is to seal it...tape/mastic can get the big stuff, but you need Aeroseal to truly get the #ductwork #airtight and sealed properly. Call the #Aeroseal team at 877-FIX-DUCT to learn more about the #gamechanging #ductsealing #technology from the inside.

Did you know you can use your blower door and a pressure pan to locate duct leakage? See how to do this and learn many other testing tips and tricks on our website: and YouTube channel: 04/23/2019

Retrotec Webinar: Home Performance 2.0 with Co-Host Nate Adams

Are you an #HVAC #contractor? Check out this upcoming Retrotec webinar about #HomePerformance 2.0 with Nate the House Whisperer.

The #ductwork and #thermalenvelope are just as important as the "boxes" you install and maintain. For those of you that are regular attendees of the Retrotec webinar series, you’ve seen that we love diving into the details of diagnostic testing in buildings and HVAC systems. For this particular webinar, we are going to change things up a bit. We will discuss the home performance industry and a... 04/18/2019

#1 Thing Homeowners Should Do Before Replacing Their Air Conditioner or Furnace | Aeroseal

Our very own Ken Summers, #HVAC #Expert and Comfort Institute Vice President of #Training, discusses the importance of "thinking outside the box" when replacing your #HVAC #airconditioner or #furnace. Check it out! 18 Apr #1 Thing Homeowners Should Do Before Replacing Their Air Conditioner or Furnace Jonathan at Aeroseal2019-04-18T15:49:33+00:00 Better Homes Comments Off on #1 Thing Homeowners Should Do Before Replacing Their Air Conditioner or Furnace Before purchasing a new air conditioner or furnace, homeow... 04/16/2019

5 Ways to Lower Your Air Conditioning Bill | Aeroseal

Are you paying too much #money for #AirConditioning in the #Summer? Think beyond the (#HVAC) box. Your #ductwork could be wasting #energy!

Have you had your #home's #air #ducts tested yet? Give Aeroseal a call 877-FIX-DUCT or email [email protected] to see if your #ductwork could be the cause of your #house problems. 16 Apr 5 Ways to Lower Your Air Conditioning Bill Jonathan at Aeroseal2019-04-15T11:32:01+00:00 Better Homes, Residential Comments Off on 5 Ways to Lower Your Air Conditioning Bill With summer just around the corner, you are probably looking forward to many things, including vacations, warm weather.... 12/15/2018

Rudolph Made the Switch, Why Haven't You? | Comfort Institute

#Energy #savings are top of mind and with good reason, who doesn't #love finding #money just laying around especially around the #holidays.

#Rudolph made the switch from #incandescent, now it's your turn to start #benefiting.

#Christmas Christmas is right around the corner and what a joyous time it CAN be. The holiday is centered around happiness but let’s face it, shopping and decorating will stress out even the most level-headed individuals. Quite frankly, the holiday is very similar to a wedding: choose the date to celebrate o... 11/30/2018

Being Thankful Is NOT Just for Thanksgiving | Comfort Institute

The contracting #business doesn't need to come off "shady" or "sleezy". Thankfully there are #HVAC #contractors out there who have your best interest in mind so you can feel #confident.

#Homeowner #TestDontGuess Thanksgiving has come and gone. For some it was a nice 4 day break from work. For others it was an opportunity to get deep discounts on all of those things you have been longing for or to get some Christmas shopping out of the way. But for all of us, I believe, it was … 11/16/2018

Considering a Humidifier This Winter? | Comfort Institute

#Winter brings #cold and #dry air. Are you suffering from symptoms such as:
- Dry Skin
- Nose Bleeds
- Sore Throats when waking up
- Excessive Static

Maybe its time to consider a #humidifier. Read more to find your options and if one is right for you.

#Homeowner #HVAC I suppose there are 2 sides to winter; you love it or hate it. I can already hear the “duh, captain obvious” comments. But honestly, I don’t know too many people who are simply content with winter. For all of the summer heat lovers, this is your season to either be moody for 4 months … 11/09/2018

Single Stage or Multi Stage Furnaces: Which is Right For You? | Comfort Institute

Considering a new #furnace before the frigid #winter temperatures are in full swing? Know your options before aimlessly spending #money and make the best decision on this #investment.

#Homeowner #HVAC #DontGuess #BeatTheHeat #WinterIsComing The furnace is one of those things in your home that you can’t live without, especially if you live in a colder climate. After all, it keeps you warm on all those cold nights. It’s kind of the perfect snuggle buddy for those lonely nights in the winter; keeping you warm and not taking up … 11/02/2018

The Ceiling Fan Secret Switch | Comfort Institute

Are you using your ceiling fan correctly? Find out how one little switch can make all the difference this #winter.

#HVAC #Homeowner #Comfort This will be short and sweet, just like the amount of time and effort it takes to adjust the switch on your fan.   Ceiling fans are found in almost every home and dates back to 1882 when Phillip Diehl took the same concept from his electrically powered sewing machine (which was also a first) … 10/26/2018

Saving Energy Around the Home: Trick or Treat | Comfort Institute

Happy early #Halloween!

People will soon be flocking the neighborhoods in their best #costume, #scary or #funny to say that 3 word phrase: Trick or Treat.

The holiday might only last a single day but the #tricks and #treats of #energy #savings in your #home go on everyday. Read more to find out if you are being tricked into thinking you are saving #money. Halloween is just around the corner so let’s have some fun. Everyone I know is out there trying to save a buck or two in any way they can. Some of you have maybe even been referred to as a “penny pincher”. Some people may poke fun or complain about those who refuse to spend … 10/19/2018

Furnace Alternatives: Comparing Wood and Pellet Stoves | Comfort Institute

Anyone else getting #cold yet?

#Heating season is in for many of us and you have probably already turned on the #furnace or lit your #fireplace. There are alternatives available to meet your heating needs. We break down #wood and #pellet stoves.

#Homeowner #Winter #Comfort #StayWarm #HVAC #IAQ I don’t know about everyone else but here in Ohio, it just went middle of summer to very late fall overnight. Almost like Mother Nature was going 85 in a 55, saw a state trooper and slammed on the brakes. I can’t take full credit for that line, saw a funny meme online. But for … 10/12/2018

Stop the Back Drafting This Winter | Comfort Institute

Using #gas #appliances in your home? The majority of homeowners are and this is a must read. Stop back drafting and start experiencing improved #IAQ for a safer #home and living situation.

#Homeowner #HVAC #CO #CarbonMonoxide #Health We are quickly approaching the heating season and for a good portion of you, natural gas is likely your method. In fact, according to a study conducted by climate control, almost half the US is using natural gas as their primary heating fuel choice. Granted these numbers come from 2013, you can expe... 10/06/2018

Out With the Space Heater, In With Real Results! | Comfort Institute

There are much better methods to keeping you warm this winter than a #SpaceHeater. Get real results and kick the space heater to the curb.

#Homeowner #HVAC #Winter #Comfort #IAQ #Insulation #Energy #IRCamera #PerformanceContracting #Home #Family #Furnace The weather right now might not be cold enough for you to think you need to dust off that space heater in the closet but before you know it, we will be in winter. When it gets cold, I typically hear one of three things; I just put more blankets on, I crank up the …


The #AirConditioning season is coming to an end for many of you and in the #spirit, we bring you one last #fact for your "cool air provider".

The first concept of air conditioning occurred around 500 years ago when people in #Persia built wind towers to try to get the same effect as air conditioning. The towers were rigged with wind scoops to catch prevailing breezes which would circulate the #air through internal vanes throughout the #buildings while forcing hot air out.

Considering the 100+ degree temperatures they encountered on a regular basis during #summer, this was #ingenuity and #innovation at its finest!

#HVACFacts #HVAC #HVACR #Comfort


Our Vice President Ken Summers speaking about #ductwork in #homes at #AerosealSuccessSummit #2k18 #AerosealSS 09/21/2018

Time To Dust Off That Furnace and Ready It For Battle | Comfort Institute

#Summer ends tomorrow and that might mean the end of your #AirConditioner but don't forget about the #Furnace you will soon be using. Being proactive will ensure smooth operation and keep you warm on all those colds nights to come. However, waiting until the last minute could leave you out of luck.

A quick furnace #inspection by you or a #professional will leave you worry free!

#Homeowner #HVAC #HVACR #Comfort Summer officially ends tomorrow and temperatures are starting to look like they will be declining. That’s great for everyone looking to save money on their energy bills since we can cut off the A/C and open up some windows. Man I love Fall! Or Autumn depending on which you prefer. The leaves will ... 09/14/2018

Preparing Your Home For Winter: Know Your Insulation Options | Comfort Institute

#Insulation is a large component of #indoor #comfort. Sure the HVAC system supplies the conditioned #air but without proper insulation, you are wasting your #money!

Proper insulation can fix #hot or #cold rooms suffering from #temperature imbalances and allow your system to operate less. The next time your local #HVAC #contractor stops by for your #fall or #winter #furnace tune up, ask them to bring out an #InfraredCamera.

#WinterisComing #IAQ #HVACR #PerformanceContracting #IRCamera #Homeowner #Savings #EnergySavings It’s starting to cool off as we approach the fall and then the winter. Depending on what part of the country you are in, this time of year is either a blessing or one of the most miserable times of your year. It’s the type of misery that leaves you wishing for summer; although it …



Another nice example of #contractors thinking outside the box, using #HomePerformaceContracting, to truly help #homeowners!

We can help you provide better service for your customers. Call us today to learn more!

Exciting #homeowner #story by Aeroseal dealer Aeroseal Red River Valley! Over 600 #contractors use #Aeroseal to help homeowners feel more comfortable in #homes. 09/07/2018

Allergens are the Ultimate Burglar | Comfort Institute

#Summer is almost over and some of you are shouting "Hooray!". But for others, it is a reminder that #fall #allergy season is just around the corner. Is your #home ready?

#Homeowner #Family #IAQ #Allergies #PerformanceContracting #HVAC #TestDontGuess I said it and I’m sticking to it. Allergens are the Ultimate Burglar! What do I mean by this? Well they rob you of a comfortable living situation, they break into your home unwelcomed and completely unnoticed (not even your fancy security system catches them), and they get away with it… time and...



Proper #HomePerformance needs to be a year-round priority. The #Fall season is coming. #Homeowners, ensure your #home #HVAC is ready for #winter. Schedule a #contractor to check your system this fall.

Need Help? Call us 800-933-5656 or email us [email protected]

Nice article emphasizing the importance of fall #home #HVAC maintenance for #homeowners by grandview architecture, pllc

[09/04/18]   John Gorrie is considered the father of #refrigeration and #airconditioning. He was a #doctor in Florida and in 1842 he developed a machine to make ice. The ice created cool air for his patients which he believed would reduce fevers and sickness. His machine was patented in 1851, paving the way for modern refrigeration and air-conditioning used to cool #homes and other #buildings, today.

#HVACFacts #HVAC #HVACR 08/31/2018

Holmes and Holmes Tests The Duct Sealing Innovation You Need To Know About | Comfort Institute

Recently we wrote a blog about the #Innovative #Duct sealing solution known as Aeroseal. The well known Mike Holmes and Mike Holmes Jr. have tested it out and the results will be airing on the DIY Network and HGTV this fall.

Duct sealing is one of the best ways to improve your #IAQ and #save #money on your utility bill. Check it out!

#HVAC #Innovation #Homeowner #HomeImprovement So I know it was only 2 weeks ago that we covered the Aeroseal technology but this is too good not to blog about. While Aeroseal is not a brand new technology, it continues to gain awareness and is quickly working its way into the conversation of “a household name”. Holmes and Holmes, the famous...


Breaking Down the Typical Utility Bill

The average #family spends about $2,000 annually on #energy bills, with nearly half of that going towards cooling and heating.

With that large of a percentage, improving factors such as duct or building envelope leakage can go a long way in cutting your #bills. Blower Door Tests, Duct Blasters and Flow Hoods are just some of the tests that can easily diagnose your home. Contact a local contractor to learn more.

#TestDontGuess #IAQ #Homeowner #HVAC #Savings A typical household in the U.S. spends more than $2,000 a year on energy bills. Understanding what goes into those monthly charges could put you in a better position to reduce them.

[08/28/18]   The modern concept of #airconditioning was first conceived by British inventor Michael Faraday in 1820 when he discovered compressed and liquefied ammonia could chill air when it was allowed to evaporate.

#HVACFacts 08/24/2018

Out with the Dust, In with the Fresh Air | Comfort Institute

Get your dust under control!

Lighten up your household cleaning and decrease the amount of dust you let into your home.

#Homeowner #HVAC #IAQ I was just cleaning the house this week, you know, the usual… picking things up to dust and sweep around them. It’s the never ending chore of being a homeowner but it got me thinking. Where the heck does all this dust come from in the middle of summer when my windows and doors have …

[08/21/18]   Did you know...

#AirConditioning systems helped coin the term "Summer Blockbuster". #Movie theatres were one of the first businesses to have air conditioning and by 1930, more than 300 theaters hung banners advertising, “Cooled by Refrigeration.” The air conditioning drove attendance high as people saught refuge from the summer heat and marketers caught on, waiting to release their big films until the #summer, hence "Summer Blockbuster".

#HVACFacts #AC #Cinema

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Our Vice President Ken Summers speaking about #ductwork in #homes at #AerosealSuccessSummit #2k18 #AerosealSS
Don't miss our free webinar, June 7 @ 12pm EST. Brad Hone brings part 2 of our HVAC Owner Series with HVAC specific KPI'...
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