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Locksmith Service in Addison, IL Neighborhood Locksmith in Addison, IL is a Locally based Locksmith Company, available also in the surrounding Areas.

Our certified Locksmith Experts provide a wide range of Locks and Key Services, including Lost Key Replacement, Key Cutting, Home and Car Lockout Options, Safe installation and much more, Call Us At Any Time To Get Prices.

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Tips to protect your vehicle from theft:

Do we really want your vehicle to get stolen just because of lax security? Protect what is precious to you. Here are 5 tips to secure your vehicle:

#1 Double check if all the doors have been locked:

This may sound redundant but it is still the most important thing you need to remember. By leaving your doors unlocked, you are practically sending out an open invite to thieves to steal your vehicle. It will only take a few minutes but it will save you a lot of hassle in the future.

#2 Do not leave valuables in sight

If there are any valuables in your vehicle such as Laptops, CD's, Mobile phones etc, carry them with you if possible, otherwise put them in the glove compartment. Having them in plain view will only attract unwanted attention.

#3 Vehicle alarm:

Car alarms alert you as and when there is someone trying to break into your vehicle. Although it cannot protect the vehicle in itself or the valuables in it, a thief will think twice before targeting a vehicle that he knows has an alarm built into it.

#4 Vehicle Immobilizer:

A vehicle immobilizer is an electronic device that prevents the car from being started by someone who doesn't have a proper key. Though this will not stop the car from being broken into, it will however prevent the car from being stolen.

#5 Secure Parking:

If you have a garage at home it is advisable to park your vehicle in it rather than out on the street. If you are parking on the road when you are out, park it in a street that is well lit where there are a lot of people. If you are able to park it in an area with CCTV cameras, that is even better.

If you want to explore the various security options for your vehicle, we, at Neighborhood Locksmith, can help you! Get in touch with us for security solutions and a wide range of other locksmith services in Addison, IL. Call: 847-915-3491 08/05/2022

Don’t know where to shop for the latest and most technologically-advanced locks? Neighborhood Locksmith can help you there! We stock everything, from the conventional to the contemporary! Plus, if you have any trouble choosing the best lock for your property, our experts will analyze your requirements and come up with the best suggestion. Call us on 847-915-3491 today to buy the best locks available in Addison, IL! 07/29/2022

For 24-hour locksmith solutions in Addison, IL, reach out to Neighborhood Locksmith! Our helplines are open round-the-clock and we can send assistance within 20 minutes of placing a call on 847-915-3491. Also, there are no additional charges for late-night service and no hidden fees, so you can get the desired help without having to worry about the costs.

Want to know more? Check out our website 07/15/2022

Top 5 locks you cannot go wrong with:

• ASSA- Abloy locks
• Kwikset Double Cylinder deadbolt
• Prime-Line Security ENTRY E-2293 Mortise Lockset
• Schlage Century Touchscreen Deadbolt Lock
• Medeco Maxum 11*603 door lock

Neighborhood Locksmith stocks the best locks from top manufacturers. Consult our experts for the best locking solutions you can find in Addison, IL. Call 847-915-3491 to know more. 07/08/2022

Security do’s and don’ts:

• Use high quality locks on your property
• Use reinforced steel doors or other sturdy doors
• Secure every entry point into the property
• Ensure that windows are secured with security grilles
• Give out your keys only to trusted individuals
• Upgrade your locks periodically

• Leave out your keys under the rug or the vase
• Use cheap locks, or self-rekey variants
• Trust a locksmith that has improper credentials
• Publish your address online
• Keep valuables in obvious places
• Ignore the importance of a proper security system

For security consultation and to avail the services of the most established and highly reputed locksmith in Addison, IL, call this number: 847-915-3491. Neighborhood Locksmith is available for assistance 24/7. 07/01/2022

Secure your property:

At Neighborhood Locksmith, we don’t just provide locksmith services, but provide a customized, well thought-out locksmith solution that’s designed to sync with your security requirements. We understand the way criminals think and act, and also know what would work the best for you. Hire our experts today by dialing 847-915-3491 and take the first step in reinforcing the security of your premises.

Get the most affordable and reliable solutions in Addison, IL! Find out more on: 06/24/2022

Are you looking for affordable locksmith solutions in Addison, IL? At Neighborhood Locksmith, we price our services nominally to make our services accessible to everyone. It doesn’t matter if you have a low budget, because our services will fit right into it. With a flat upfront rate provided and zero added charges, you can expect the best at the lowest rate.

Call 847-915-3491 to talk to our representative or visit our website for more details: 06/17/2022

Mobile key maker in Addison, IL:

You don’t have to bring your keys to our workshop – we bring the workshop to you! Our mobile vans are loaded with highly sophisticated key cutting machinery and a vast collection of key blanks that enable our key makers to make just about any key, onsite. Call 847-915-3491 to order our mobile solutions today.
Get served with the highest quality locksmith services at your doorstep from Neighborhood Locksmith! 06/10/2022

Unlock service:

Lost your keys? Is the lock jammed shut? Don’t let it rob you of access to something you value. At Neighborhood Locksmith, we offer unlocking solutions designed to restore access using non-destructive techniques. With a comprehensive experience in the same, we can unlock just about any locked door in no time. You can contact us to unlock:
• Car door
• Safes
• File cabinet
• Gates
• Windows
• Car trunk
• Mailboxes
• Entry doors
• Cupboards

We’re available 24/7 in Addison, IL - so, don’t hesitate to reach us on 847-915-3491 if you’ve got something that has to be unlocked! 06/03/2022

Top 5 reasons to choose Neighborhood Locksmith:
Do you live in Addison, IL and have been struggling to find a reliable and affordable locksmith? Your search has now come to an end! Here are five reasons why you should choose us:

#1: We’re super reliable:
Ever hired someone only to find that they’ve bailed out on you? Well, with us, it won’t come to that! We’ve never once wavered on lending the required support to our customers.

#2: We’re older and wiser:
Put your faith in our decades of experience in the arena! No one knows the industry more than we do! We know what works and what doesn’t and can prescribe the best solutions and render unparalleled services.

#3: We put YOU first:
We are where we are because of YOU – and that’s what makes us so committed to serving our customers. Call us at 3 am, and you’ll find us at your doorstep in no time. That’s how much we value our customers.

#4: We’re affordable:
Compare our prices with others, and you’ll find that we provide the best deal at prices that fit right into your budget. No extra charges, no convenience fees, no hidden costs – our flat pricing scheme is a hit with customers.

#5: We’re sticklers for quality:
Even if you purchase the cheapest lock from our inventory, you’ll find that it is of the highest quality. From the equipment we use, to the products we sell, everything carries a stamp of superior quality.

To hire the best locksmith in the region, dial 847-915-3491! If you want more insight into what we do, visit our website: 05/27/2022

Automotive locksmith solutions:

At Neighborhood Locksmith, we offer the following automotive locksmith solutions:
- Transponder chip replacement
- Laser car key making
- Car trunk unlocking
- Ignition repairs
- Ignition key making
- Transponder key cloning
- Lockout service for cars
- Remote key fob replacement/repair
- Lock repairs
And more.

Didn’t find what you’re looking for on the list? We might still be able to do it! Contact us on 847-915-3491 and find out. If you require in-depth details, visit our website: 05/20/2022

Locked your car keys in the car? Before you reach out to your car dealer for a new set of keys and shell out hundreds of dollars for it, consider this: What if you could retrieve the keys you’ve locked in the car? Yes, Neighborhood Locksmith can help you with that! Our expert auto locksmiths can unlock your vehicle in less than 5 minutes, without inflicting the slightest damage on your vehicle and recover the keys.

With us, you can be assured of receiving the most cost-effective and efficient solutions – and that’s why, the people in Addison, IL have trusted us for decades. For more information on our services and for the latest offers and coupons, check out our website: 05/13/2022

Crime rates are on an all-time high. What are you doing to protect your property? Contact Neighborhood Locksmith to get expert security solutions that are designed to add an impenetrable layer of defense to your property. From using state-of-the-art security systems to high security locks to addressing minor loopholes, our experts will go the extra mile to ensure that your security is nothing short of the best.

We’ve secured scores of residences and commercial spaces in Addison, IL – and now it’s your turn to experience a heightened sense of security. Dial 847-915-3491 today! 05/06/2022

Lockout service in Addison, IL:

Locked out of your home? Lost the keys to your car? Here’s some good news: help is just around the corner. Pick up the phone and dial 847-915-3491 to receive immediate assistance! Neighborhood Locksmith has a dedicated 24/7 emergency response unit that will reach you in less than 20 minutes. No extended wait times, no added charges!

Experience superior locksmith services today! Visit our website for more information on our emergency lockout services: 04/28/2022

24-hour locksmith in Addison, IL:

If you’ve ever been locked out of your home or your vehicle or required assistance from a locksmith in the middle of the night for any other reason, this post will be the most beneficial thing you’ll read today. Neighborhood Locksmith runs a 24-hour unit in the region exactly for emergencies like these. With a special team of dedicated technicians, an active helpdesk, mobile vans, and round-the-clock availability, we can reach you within 15-20 minutes after receiving your distress call.

847-915-3491 is the only number you need to dial. Our emergency response team will spring into action and provide an effective solution onsite. Want to know more? Visit our website for more information on our 24/7 services - 04/18/2022

8 things to do to secure your property before leaving on a vacation:

1. Change your locks
2. Fix any damage on the doors or windows
3. Setup safety grilles for enhanced security
4. Install an alarm system
5. Check if all the doors and windows are tightly shut
6. Do not leave out spare keys under the rug or vase
7. Ask your neighbors to keep an eye out for suspicious activity
8. Intimate the local authorities of your absence

If you’re worried about taking that long-elusive vacation, simply because you fear for the safety of your property, then you need to call Neighborhood Locksmith! Our locksmiths have profound expertise in the trade and can double up as security experts. From initial assessment to the final installation of security hardware, we’ll be with you at every step of the way. If you live in Addison, IL, reach out to us on 847-915-3491 and we’ll assist you set up a strong security infrastructure that will give you some much needed peace of mind while on a vacation! 04/07/2022

Security tip: If you tend to give out your keys to a lot of people (this could be your neighbor, gardener, babysitter, technician etc.), you need to ensure that the locks are rekeyed every once in a while. Rekeying your locks, and subsequently changing your keys, reduces the possibility of misuse. It is the cheapest, yet the most effective way to gain full key control and designate access only to the right set of people.

For rekeying and other locksmithing services, Neighborhood Locksmith is your trusted locksmith partner in Addison, IL! To know more or hire our experts, call 847-915-3491. 03/31/2022

Push bar installation:

If you own a commercial property in Addison, IL that receives considerable amount of footfalls every day, you need to install adequate emergency exit facilities, to allow easy escape when a fire breaks out or in the event of an earthquake. Inappropriate exit measures will not only endanger lives but will also invite hefty penalties from the authorities. Contact Neighborhood Locksmith to get push bars installed in your property today and to get expert advice on improving the security infrastructure of your property.

Visit our website to know more: 03/24/2022

Mailbox locks: Secure your private mails, confidential documents, and protect yourself from identity theft by installing a mailbox lock today.

At Neighborhood Locksmith, we have an assortment of locks for your mailbox that assure the highest level of security. Get in touch with our experts on 847-915-3491 to discuss the various options and the prices. We’re available 24/7 in Addison, IL and provide a wide range of other services. For more details, visit 03/17/2022

Which lock should you pick? Do’s and Don’ts:

With locks forming the crux of security, it is always advisable to choose them carefully or risk jeopardizing the security of your property. With the market flooded with a host of options, choosing the right lock might seem like a daunting task. Let’s take a look at the options available:
• Padlocks
• Deadbolts
• Rim locks
• Mortise locks
• Keypad locks
• Electronic keypad locks
• Keyless entry systems
• Smart locks
• High security locks
• Cam Locks
• Euro Profile Locks
• K**b locks

It is important to keep the following points in mind while selecting a lock for your property:
- The lock should be made by a reputed manufacturer
- It should be purchased by an established vendor to ensure authenticity
- Steer clear of low-priced products
- Do not buy a lock with features you do not need
- Do not trust everything you read on the internet and make a purchase based on it
- Always consult a locksmith before making a decision

Neighborhood Locksmith has been helping residences, commercial spaces and several other properties in Addison, IL experience the finest levels of security by equipping them with the best locks in the market. Call us on 847-915-3491 and we’ll send an expert over to your place, to assess your property and come up with the right locking solutions. All our locks are sourced from the top manufacturers in the industry. Quality, longevity, and affordability – this is our assurance to you.
Visit our website for more information: 03/10/2022

The padlock is rusted shut: what do I do?

Quick fix: Wire a metal can around the lock and immerse it in kerosene or any other penetrating lubricant. Soak it for a minimum period of 24-hours and then try opening it again.

If you still can’t get it to open or require any other lock repairs, our experts in Addison, IL can be of assistance. Reach out to Neighborhood Locksmith by calling 847-915-3491. You can also check out our website for more details: 03/03/2022

Key cutting solutions: At Neighborhood Locksmith, we offer a wide range of key cutting solutions. Utilizing the most advanced key cutting tools and sophisticated machinery, our experts are able to develop precision-crafted keys in minimal time. Some of the keys we develop include:

- Paracentric keys
- Abloy keys
- Zeiss keys
- Transponder keys
- Laser cut car keys
- Electronic keys
- Dimple key
- Skeleton key
- Tubular keys

Lost your key or need a spare? Hire the experts in Addison, IL for key cutting and a wide range of other locksmithing solutions. Call us on 847-915-3491 or visit our website for more details. 02/24/2022

How to react when you’re locked out of your car?

1: Keep calm
2: Move your car to the side of the road
3: Do not abandon your vehicle at any cost. Stay by its sides at all times.
4: Check the windows or doors, to see if you’ve left something accidentally open.
5: Call your friends or relatives, to bring your spare key over (if you have one)
6: Do not use forceful means to gain entry
7: Seek expert assistance from a locksmith

If you ever find yourself locked out of your vehicle anywhere in Addison, IL, don’t worry - Neighborhood Locksmith is ready to help you. With round-the-clock service and a record 20-minute response time, you can be assured of receiving professional assistance. Save our number 847-915-3491 - and you’ll never run out of feasible solutions during a lockout. For more details, check out our website: 02/17/2022

Master key solutions for residences: Neighborhood Locksmith is renowned for its master key solutions. We’ve assisted several residential complexes, apartment buildings and other places in Addison, IL benefit from a ‘one-key-fits-all’ solution. We can rekey all the locks in your property, and design a single master key to operate them all and individual change keys for each lock. In cases where you require multiple levels of access, we can also setup a system that involves sub-master key system. For more details and to consult our technician on the most suitable option for you, call 847-915-3491. 02/10/2022

Expert security tip: Do not leave out the spare keys to your home under the rug or in a flower pot. These are the most common places a criminal would look. Instead, leave them with a trusted friend or a neighbor.

Neighborhood Locksmith can help you with all your locksmith needs, including spare key creation. Get in touch with us by dialing 847-915-3491 today! There’s a reason why we’re one of the best locksmiths in Addison, IL. Visit us on: to know more. 02/03/2022

At Neighborhood Locksmith, we aim to provide 100% customer satisfaction and to achieve this we strive to render unparalleled service that’s unmatched by any other company in Addison, IL. With a mobile service that links the remotest corners to the center of the city, we’ve been able to establish a strong presence throughout the region. Need key cutting? Are you locked out of your home? Do you require new locks? There’s just one number you need to call and that’s 847-915-3491.

For more information, check out our website: 01/27/2022

Looking for a comprehensive locksmith solutions provider in Addison, IL? At Neighborhood Locksmith, we provide an extensive range of services that caters to clients from across the residential, commercial and automotive sectors. Apart from this, we also operate a 24/7 emergency response unit to assist you in a crisis. Here’s a quick glimpse into our offerings:

-Lock rekeying
-New lock installation
-All types of lockouts resolved
-Lock repairs
-Master key installation
- Lost key replacements
-Transponder key programming
-Smart lock setup
-Push bars installation
-Peephole installation
-Chain lock
-Keys copied onsite
-Unlocking service

We’ve got all this and lots more! To know more about our services, please visit: or you can call 847-915-3491 and talk to one of our service representatives. 01/19/2022

Should I rekey or replace locks?

Most people aren’t aware that rekeying is as effective a solution as replacement is, with the added advantage of being way more cost-effective. The process involves replacing the internal configuration of the lock and replacing it with a new one, so that the old key to the lock is no longer able to operate it. If you’ve lost your keys, or believe that it’s been stolen, a simple rekeying procedure will do the trick, instead of discarding your locks entirely.

For professional advice and for choosing the appropriate option, get in touch with Neighborhood Locksmith. We’re available 24/7 in Addison, IL area. Visit our website for more details:

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